Top-3 Fast and Affordable Tips to Stand Out at Trade Shows

Top-3 Fast and Affordable Tips to Stand Out at Trade Shows

Today’s post runs down 3 fast and easy tips to help your brand stand out at the next trade show. All three of these tips can be incorporated during the sign design phase to produce great results for your business at no extra cost.

  • Build a branded environment (for less than you think). Big brands understand how important it is to keep booth branding consistent from top to bottom.For instance, if you’ve ever attended a trade show where Google had a booth set up, you’d know it right away; all-white kiosks display bright and engaging digital content, while colorful chairs are arranged on the floor to match their iconic logo, all of which scream Google. The entire area feels bright, clean, and high-tech, just like the classic Google front page. There’s all kinds of promotional swag on-hand, and employees are decked out in Google-branded clothes.

    These kinds of branded environments do wonders for engaging passersby. And fortunately, you don’t need to be have a Google budget to get similar results.

    Members of the Signworld business alliance offer thousands of options for you to build branded environments on a budget. A simple combination of table runners, A-frame signs, banners, and promotional items can transform your booth into a compelling branded space that helps draw foot traffic in and immediately starts converting leads to prospects. Don’t ever get dismissed as “just another booth!”

  • Tell your story and prioritize value propositions. Unless you’re a household name like Google, Apple, or Coca Cola, you should never assume that trade show attendees are going to know who you are or what you do. That’s especially true for smaller companies with ambiguous names.Granted, a big part of your trade show time should be spent talking to visitors and explaining how your business can help them. But in order to explain your value propositions, you need to engage passersby in conversation, and few people will be compelled to enter a booth when they have no idea what the company offers.

    Use banners and other signage to tell your story and prioritize your company’s value propositions. As a general rule of thumb, you should feel confident that visitors could figure out your business offerings via signage alone. Nobody should have to speak with a representative at your booth to learn what your company does. This saves representatives a lot of unnecessary explaining, and thus, fast-forwards the conversations towards relationship-building and sales.

    Designing sign copy that describes your business offerings and value propositions costs no more than sign copy that does not, so this tip works wonders on a budget.

  • Leverage bold features to help your brand stand out. Viewed from a distance, most trade shows are a sea of blues, grays, and whites–that classic cooling, calming, pro-productivity palette you see in office around America. Most signage is similarly standardized, with most booths limited to the standard combination of table runners, A-frames, and banners.Choosing bold features and colors can distinguish your booth from the competition at no extra cost. Members of the Signworld business alliance have the resources, equipment, and expertise needed to create eye-catching custom graphics and gripping color combinations that drive engagement without ever compromising on your sign’s readability. And if you’ve got a little extra to spend, ordering a dynamic digital sign can send your engagement through the roof.

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