Start a Sign Company: A Closer Look at the Signworld Business Opportunity

Start a Sign Company

Every company needs a sign, which is why every entrepreneur can see the value of starting a sign company.

Today’s post spotlights the Signworld business opportunity. Read on to learn what makes us so different from sign franchises, as well as the top-8 benefits of joining the Signworld Business Alliance.

A Closer Look: Top-8 Benefits of Joining the Signworld Business Alliance

  • No rules. While some prefer the rigid structure of franchise systems, the Signworld business alliance encourages entrepreneurial freedom, creativity, and autonomy at all stages of your business career. When you join our partnership, you’re making the decisions, right down to the logo and branding.
    Though we will support you with the training, materials, contacts, and coaching you’d expect from a franchise system, you will have complete control over the direction and development of your business.
  • No royalties. Unlike sign franchises, the Signworld business alliance collects no royalties. This keeps more money in your pocket and more funds available to reinvest in the growth of your business.
  • No training required. Members of our business alliance are fully trained in sign manufacturing and sales. The only skills you need are those required to run any business: people skills, networking skills, leadership skills, and time management skills.
  • Business-to-business interactions. Though you will get work from members of the general public looking who need signs for weddings and private events, the majority of your clients will be business owners. Since most of your business dealings with be with “9-to-5ers,” you can operate your shop within regular business hours without compromising on profit.
  • Online selling opportunities. Online shopping is widespread in the Information Age, so it only makes sense that Signworld designed its business model in a way that derives 50% of more of its profit from online sales alone. We will share this proven online model with you and give you the tools required to build and boost your brand identity online. Many of the members of our business alliance conduct the majority of their sales on the go using their mobile device.
  • Ongoing support. The Signworld business alliance is meant to give partners all the benefits of a franchise system without any of those pesky restrictions. As such, we maintain contact with our partners and support them in every way possible. We use weekly sales and marketing coaching webinars to keep our partners up to date with industry trends and best practices. These e-support sessions also give us a chance to field any questions partners may have.
  • Ability to own your own building. When you join the Signworld business alliance, you’re not renting our franchise system and brand name – you’re using it to build your very own business. Similarly, Signworld partners aren’t renting their shop from us – they’re working towards owning their own building.
  • A proven business model. The Signworld business alliance has been helping autonomous entrepreneurs realize their sign shop ownership dreams for 28 years. Even as sign trends and technologies continue to change, we have proven that our system is strong, sleek, and resilient.

Find out more about the Signworld business alliance – visit to access video resources and book a free consultation with a representative from our team.


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