5 Essential Interior Office Signage Options

5 Essential Interior Office Signage Options

Every office is looking for ways to improve company morale and boost efficiency, but did you know that simple interior signage can do all this and more?

Today’s post spotlights 5 essential interior office signage options that can help companies look and operate better than ever.

  • Plaques. Like any custom sign, plaques can be designed to look as wild or mild as you want.
    Some companies use indoor plaques as a kind of “secondary marquee” to display their brand name over the reception desk. This is a great way to give your front reception space a clean and professional look that would be perfectly suited to spas, dental offices, law firms, and so on.Alternatively, many companies use plaques to promote a positive company culture. Whether they are used to recognize outstanding employees, vendors, or valued customers, plaques are one of the best ways to show you care and boost office morale. And though they may look regal and expensive, they’re more affordable than you think!
  • Directory Signs. Some offices can be quite confusing to navigate. Even after you’ve escaped the labyrinth of underground parking and pinpointed the right office unit inside of a massive commercial building, there’s still a maze of cubicles and rooms to work through. In extreme cases, a confusing office or building layout can even cost you clients!Directory signs are one obvious solution. Highly customizable and available in a wide range of materials to match your office’s interior design and overall vibe, directory signs help both visitors and new employees feel right at home.
  • ADA Signage. If you owned a restaurant, you wouldn’t think twice about inclusive structural features like handicapped parking spaces and wheelchair ramps, right? So why then do so many office neglect to include ADA signage around elevators, bathrooms, exits, and parking areas?These signs not only make your office more inclusive (which, beyond the ethical benefits, opens you up to more customers), but also protects you from any unwanted liability–after all, ADA signage is required by law!
  • Dimensional Letter Signs. Dimensional letter signs are designed to be highly visible–big, bright, and in-your-face. This ensures that your office message or bit of branding stands out and commands attention.Many offices opt to mount dimensional letter signs in the lobby, entrance, and reception areas. Building off our previous point, these prominent, eye-catching signs help visitors know they’ve arrived at the right place, and immediately make a statement about your brand.
  • Acrylic Signs. Acrylic is a stunning material that looks like elegant (and expensive) glass. Because of its sophisticated look, acrylic is a very popular choice for displaying high-end branding and logos. Signworld business partners also offer acrylic frosting, which adds an extra touch of class.Because acrylic is cheaper, lighter, and more durable than glass alternatives, many offices opt to have acrylic name plates made up for every single employee to display on their desk. This provides a nice boost for company morale, and, like an infinitely cooler ‘nametag,’ helps staff get to know one another on a first-name basis.

Explore More Interior Signage Options

This list is only the tip of the iceberg!

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