5 Exciting Facts About the Signworld Business Alliance

5 Exciting Facts About the Signworld Business Alliance

Read on for a rapid-fire fact sheet highlighting just a few examples of what makes the Signworld business alliance such a valuable opportunity.

Fact 1: The sign business is booming and resilient

Roughly two-thirds of Americans dream of opening a small business of their own, according to the UPS Stores’ Inside Small Business Survey, and every single one of them represents a potential customer. No wonder the sign business is booming!

According to Orbis Research:

  • 70% of companies reported an increase in sales volume in 2018
  • 77% of sign companies expect their sale volume to increase for the next 5 years
  • the Digital Signage Market size will grow from USD 20.74 Billion in 2017 to USD 31.62 Billion by 2023, at an estimated CAGR of 7.28%

Sign sales are skyrocketing in 2019. Not many industries can say the same about their products as consumer demands continue to evolve and change at a rapid pace. But the sign industry is highly resilient–every new business needs signage, and businesses open every single day, in any economic climate.

Fact 2: Signworld’s B2B model makes for a pleasant business experience

Signworld business owners work close to home in low-overhead business park locations, and because our businessperson clientele maintain regular business hours–no holidays, no weekends, and no late nights–so do we!

Additionally, our B2B model is based on repeat customers. Some owners generate up to 80% of their revenue in this way. That means you’ll have plenty of rewarding professional relationships, some of which may even blossom into friendships.

Furthermore, Signworld partners run their businesses will small, tight-knit staff teams. This makes for a fun and friendly work environment that avoids much of the hassle of employee turnover.

Overall, our B2B model is designed to make your work life as pleasant as it is rewarding.

Fact 3: You do not need experience to join the Signworld business alliance

Thanks to our proven-effective training and support systems, we welcome all entrepreneurs with the right attitude and a willingness to learn. In fact, some of our most successful business partners entered into our alliance with no prior signmaking or sales experience.

You can learn more about the training and support we offer here.

Fact 4: Signworld opportunities are extremely affordable

The Signworld opportunity is available for as little as $210,000, which is a fraction of what you’d pay to franchise in many industries. This investment amount includes the $155,000 SIgnworld package, $25,000 worth of startup expenses, and a $30,000 cash reserve for emergencies and cash shortfalls in the early months of business.

Learn more about our investment requirements here.

Fact 5: Signworld business partners get access to exclusive vendor relationships

The Signworld business alliance works out of the same “little black book.” That means you get incredible access to vendor discounts, local referrals, outsourcing resources, and many more of the kind of connections that would make self-starters green with envy!

Learn more about our Preferred Partners here.

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