6 Benefits of Franchising with a Modern Sign Company

Franchising with a Modern Sign Company

Today’s post considers 6 benefits of going into business with our modern sign franchise. Read on to learn if the Signworld model sounds right for you.


  • Every day holds something new and exciting. When you hear the words “sign manufacturing,” your mind might conjure up images of an assembly-line situation where modular products are fitted together in 8-hour chunks. That’s all wrong.

    At Signworld, every job involves custom production – it’s what distinguishes us from the competition in the consumer’s mind, and one aspect of our business model that prospective franchisees find so appealing. Not only does our commitment to custom sign production ensure that every client gets exactly what they want, but it guarantees that every day on the job is different. You will be challenged creatively during the design process, then equally rewarded seeing your custom creations when you drive around town!

    Moreover, no two Signworld franchises operate exactly alike. Upon completing our training program, you will have access to the skills and materials required to make more than 18 different styles of signs and graphics. If you happen to prefer working with vehicle wraps and graphics, then you have the freedom to pursue this revenue stream to your heart’s content. On the other hand, you could nearly go an entire month without doing the same thing twice!

  • The Signworld franchise family prioritizes proper work-life balance. Today, work-life balance is a major talking point in the world of human resources, psychology, and business management. Employers are finally recognizing the relationship between worker happiness and productivity, and moving away from scheduling models that demand major personal life sacrifices.

    If you’re looking to make a strong return on your investment in the profitable sign industry without compromising your happiness, Signworld is a smart option. Our brick-and-mortar business locations are always close to home, typically in low-overhead business park locations. We do not believe in working our franchisees to the bone; we operate with standard Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5 hours that don’t eat up your nights, weekends, or holidays. At Signworld, your work-life balance is as important as a big bottom-line return, and we will do everything in our power to ensure you get both.

  • Forget about the “risks” of working in manufacturing. Many manufacturing jobs come along with their fair share of loud noises, odors, and exposure to dangerous chemicals or work conditions. You’ll encounter none of these things at Signworld, where our training and equipment allows you to earn a safe, comfortable, and creatively rewarding living.
  • Stop chasing customers. Much of the busywork of business ownership has to do with chasing new customers. Incidentally, this is also where much of the business overhead goes in the form of advertising expenses. At Signworld, repeat customers are extremely common, and typically make up about 80% of our franchisees’ net revenue. Moreover, you can generate a considerable amount of passive sales through your Signworld website, so you can focus on fulfilling work rather than drumming up sales.
  • Squash your money handling concerns. Signworld is a non-cash transaction business, which means that you will never have to worry about who’s holding the money box while you’re out consulting with customers.
  • Get great resale value. If you decide to sell your franchise, your core of repeat customers will serve as business assets that add excellent resale value. Because you are essentially handing the buyer a functional, profitable “pop-up” business, you can ask for more in the negotiations.


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