6 Ways Your Signs Can Highlight Your Company’s Charitable Work

6 Ways Your Signs Can Highlight Your Company's Charitable Work

If you ask industry leaders how their business practices have changed in the past decade, you may be surprised to find that the answer often has little to do with their products and services. Modern consumers want to know that the company’s they’re supporting are ethical: it’s why you’re seeing coffee companies talk up their sustainable crops, restaurants touting their use of local ingredients, and, of course, charitable work on full display. People want business owners to be conscious of the environment and of their local communities, and will do diligent research online to find out where your company stands.

Market analytics support this idea. A recent survey found that 66% of consumers prefer to buy from companies actively involve themselves in community causes. 62% of people prefer to work with these companies, 59% prefer to invest in these companies over the competition, and 46% say that they’re more willing to pay more for products if it supports these companies. If your company is going to remain competitive, you’re going to have to practice a little altruism.

Unfortunately, simply doing good isn’t enough. Your company may be active in the community, but it won’t do your business any good beyond making your employees feel great. If you maximize the consumer appeal that your charity work creates, you’ll need to show off your good deeds!

In today’s post, the Sign World team shares 4 strategies business owners can use to promote their charitable work both on and offline.

  • Embrace social media. Social assets like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest are great ways to highlight your company’s charitable work and engage the local community. Consider creating contests for your followers to increase your web visibility. You can offer to make certain donations after specific social asset goals have been hit. For example, offer to donate $100 once you’ve reached 1,000 followers. This will make people feel as though their shares, recommendations, and likes are making a difference, and your business and community will benefit from it all the while.
  • Keep your company blog updated. Writing blog articles like this one is a great way to keep your readership informed of local causes and your company’s participation in community events. Along with being a great way to highlight your charitable work, it provides opportunities to encourage your readers to make donations, too.
  • Use your signage to fulfill community needs. Big charity event coming up? Offer to produce signage providing directions, promotion, and event details. It’s a great way to help out, and it gives you opportunities to display your company logo or business details on the signage that will be used, too! You will effectively be the event’s “sponsor” for the reasonable cost of Sign World signage!
  • Post promotional signage in-store. Don’t be bashful about the work you’ve done for your community! Embrace how good it feels to give back, and post some signage around your store that highlights work you’ve done. But rather than simply stating how great your company is, include copy on the signage that explains how readers can help. Your sign might say that $1 from every product sold goes to a specific charity – the promotion is up to you, just remember to push it with quality signage!

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