7 Things You Might Not Know About Sign Company Ownership

Sign Franchising

Today’s post shares 7 surprising facts about sign company ownership. Read on if you’ve ever thought about getting involved!

  • Sign businesses makes for a pleasant work experience. Most people think of owners spending their days in loud, hot, smelly, and dangerous shops. In reality, Signworld locations are clean, comfortable, and professional settings, free of loud noises, odors, or dangerous chemicals, and usually located in low-overhead business park locations.Moreover, custom sign production is creatively stimulating work that puts you in touch with great people. It also feels great to drive around town and see the fruits of your labor on display!
  • Sign companies are extremely affordable. Start-up costs for some franchises can flirt with seven-figures, but Signworld’s entire investment breakdown totals only $195,000, including a $25,000 cash reserve.


  • Sign company ownership requires no previous sign-making experience. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of getting involved in an unfamiliar trade. Signworld’s training and ongoing support services are designed to bring total beginners up to speed, so long as you have the right attitude for the job.


  • Licensing is about progress, not replication. Owning a Signworld business means joining a professional collaboration where like-minded business people uphold a tradition of sharing ideas, offering support, and challenging one another to excel for the sake of group progress.While it’s true that product consistency is a key for many franchise or licensing systems, consistency should not be confused for system stagnation. Even replication-heavy franchises like McDonald’s grow and evolve over time, benefitting from the collective knowledge, reporting, and research work of their extended franchise family, past and present.

    Many franchises or companies exist for decades – Signworld has been around since 1988 – and their processes continue to evolve as they’re passed down the line, unlike one-off business startups that live and die with their owners. That means starting a sign franchise not only gives you access to the collective knowledge of every owner since the start, but it gets you on an experienced team that’s always looking to evolve.

  • Sign business opportunities give you complete freedom. Signworld has no rules, and never expect two franchisees to run cookie-cutter shops. Rather than dictating your business life, we provide best practice recommendations and educational resources to help you make decisions that move you closer to your unique goals.


  • Sign franchising and business licensing is an important part of the economy. Back in 2005, Entrepreneur magazine ran a story where the president of the International Franchise Association stated that franchises account for almost 50% of all American retail sales.More recently, a 2016 study on the economic impact of franchising identified 732,842 active business format franchise establishments. Together, they provided more than 7.6-million jobs and generated $674 billion in economic output, plus 2.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Starting a sign franchise strengthens the franchise model that stands as one of our country’s economic pillars.

    Sign companies also contribute to the economy by creating signs, which are some of the most important drivers of commerce. Quality signage makes a huge difference in foot traffic, conversions, and promotional success – ask any business owner. Thus, in a grander and more abstract sense, owning a sign franchise encourages the health and activity of those very economic transactions that keep our country alive!


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