A Closer Look At The Signworld Alliance Validation Process

A Closer Look At The Signworld Alliance Validation Process

Thinking of signing on with Signworld, but held back by the fear of the unknown?

Take heart: it’s easier than you think, and today’s post tells all.

Read on to learn all about our step-by-step validation process.

The Introductory Call

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find a number to call: 888-765-7446.

Dialing that number will put you in touch with a Signworld representative and start you down the path of sign business ownership.

But we don’t accept just anyone. We think very highly of our model and are proud of what we have accomplished. As such, we’re not willing to share the details of our business system with anybody that dials our phone number–just as you shouldn’t be willing to share personal and financial details with every business you reach out to.

To make sure we’re a good fit for you, and you for us, it’s best that we get to know each other.

Step one is to introduce yourself with the introductory call. At this stage, we’ll each get to make a first impression and  get to know one another a bit better, then set up a series of “discovery calls” with our corporate staff.

The Discovery Calls

We don’t believe in “sales calls.” After 32 years, we believe in our system, and we don’t have to “sell” anybody on it. Moreover, if you need to be “sold” on owning a sign business, you’re probably not cut out for it anyways.

Instead of sales calls, we use discovery calls. You’ll speak to one of dedicated staff members, all of whom have owned or operated sign companies in the past, and none of whom have any training or incentive to “convert” you into buying-in. All we’re trying to do at this stage is to help you understand everything there is to know about the industry, and to learn about you, so that we can all can make the best possible decision.

The Validation Calls

If you like what you hear during the discovery calls, we invite you to make a series of validation calls with as many Signworld business owners as you would like. Each round of validation calls gives you the opportunity to ask owners point-blank about any aspect of our business model. Complete transparency is in their best interest, since it’s better for the alliance to add new members who are fully aware of what’s ahead. You might be pleasantly surprised at this stage; this is usually the point in the process where prospects get a feel for our supportive family dynamic.

The Public Webinars

Every few weeks, a panel of Signworld owners donate their time to host a public webinar meant to help prospects better understand our business model. It’s a great opportunity for you to get your questions answered and also hear questions from other prospects like you.

The Visit

Next, you’ll schedule a series of visits to Signworld businesses in your area to get a feel for the ins and outs of a physical operation. Visit as many different owners as you like and field whatever questions you may have about the business, their staff, and what projects they’re working on.

Discovery Day

You’re almost done!

Once a month, our corporate team runs a Discovery Day that lets prospective owners immerse themselves in everything Signworld. Tour multiple locations, view demos, participate in live Q&A sessions, and take advantage of networking time with the Signworld Owners. You’ll not only hear what it takes to be successful, but you’ll also see it in action!

Once you’ve finished the validation process, it’s time to sign the agreement and get started.

Not so bad, right?

Get started now–visit the Signworld website or call 888-765-7446 to learn more about our opportunity.


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