Are Your Business Signs ADA-Compliant? Top-10 Common And Costly Violations

Are Your Business Signs ADA-Compliant? Top-10 Common And Costly Violations

1 Some Business Signs Have Improper Dimensions.

The ADA sets forth regulations that guide the permissible dimensions for business signs in various types of industries. Therefore, it is imperative for any business owner to be aware of the regulations for the dimensions of business signs to ensure compliance.

2 Some Businesses Have Signs That Are Too Damaged And Too Faded To Read.

It is not permissible to have business signs that are badly damaged and too faded, so that they are not readable for customers. The ADA requires that all signs for your business be easily readable at all times, which means that they must be in good condition and that the signs must have good coloring that supports great readability.

3 Some Business Signs Are Too Dirty To Read.

In order to be ADA-complaint, it is wise to clean your signs regularly. This will prevent them from being too dirty for customers to read. Then you can avoid any costly violations.

4 Some Business Signs Are In Areas With Poor Lighting.

The ADA is adamant about the need for business signs to be readable by customers. Signs that are in areas with poor lighting are hard to read. Thus, signs should be in areas that have ample lighting to ensure that they are readable for customers.

5 Some Business Signs Have Print That Is Too Small.

If the print on business signs is too small, customers cannot read the sign. Then customers do not have access to the information that they need if the print is too small. This then is a violation of the ADA regulations, as a sign must be readable at all times.

6 Some Businesses Do Not Include Raised Text On Signs.

It is not enough to have large business signs, as the text on the signs should also be raised when the ADA indicates that signs must be beneficial for the visually impaired. Raised lettering helps the visually impaired to be able to read signs more easily.

7 Some Business Signs Are Obstructed Somewhat.

When something obstructs the view of a business sign, this makes the sign hard to read. This then is regarded as a violation of the guidelines of the ADA, since all important information is not accessible to customers.

8 Some Businesses Are Not Implementing Icons And Graphics.

There are some cases when signs should implement the usage of graphics and icons to provide information for those who are visually impaired. If businesses do not provide graphics and icons for the required types of signs for various situations according to the guidelines of the ADA, this is a violation.

9 Some Businesses Are Ignoring The Warnings Of Inspectors From The ADA.

Some businesses that are visited by inspectors of the ADA receive warnings concerning the fact that the business signs need to be in compliance with the regulations of the ADA. But some business owners are failing to make the corrections to their signs within the designated period of time, which means that this is a serious violation with hefty fines.

10 Some Business Owners Are Not Paying The Fines On Time Or At All.

When some business owners are getting fines for violations, they do not pay the fines on time and some are not even making an effort to pay the fines. This can result in more fines and the closure of the businesses.


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