CB Technologies is a computer consulting firm doing business in Suite 5300 at 770 The City Drive South. The firm specializes in providing cutting-edge services with “a human touch.” To underscore its branding and highlight this aspect of its corporate culture, the company connected with our sign shop to commission office wall murals and graphics in Orange.

Designing, Fabricating, and Installing Wall Graphics that Pop

office wall murals and graphics in OrangeThe firm has brand colors that are unique to its operation. It was essential that our technicians could match them perfectly. Besides that, the team at the business wanted to ensure that their murals would engage the consumer as well as the employee in the brand narrative.

Because this is an essential aspect of its corporate culture, the company focused on core values for the text that accompanies the graphics. Our technicians fabricated die-cut wall graphics in the shape of the CB Technologies logo. Other walls display orange and purple base colors.

office wall murals and graphics in OrangeWe used a matte finish that keeps the glare from indoor lights down. Doing so boosts the visual aesthetics of the product. Next, we added white lettering for which we used die-cut white gloss vinyl. The combination of the matte and glossy finishes makes the lettering stand out.

Now, the office exemplifies the corporate culture as well as the brand message that the firm projects. Lettering serves to remind workers and customers alike of the position the firm takes when it comes to providing its services.

Embracing Your Corporate Culture with Wall Graphics and Lettering

office wall murals and graphics in OrangeBuilding a healthy and thriving corporate culture can be challenging. Frequently, the motto or vision statement might be depicted in a break room or framed in a lobby. However, there they do very little to permeate the culture that you are cultivating in your business.

Instead, consider making these aspects of your brand the focal points for those entering your office. With the help of wall murals and graphics, they can take on large forms and eclipse the effectiveness of smaller, framed office art renditions. Most importantly, they succeed in engaging the consumers in the brand narrative.

By including the customer in the discussion, employees, management teams, and shoppers find themselves on the same side. Therefore, these wall products are ideally suited for creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the sale.

Selecting Hard-Hitting Office Wall Murals and Graphics in Orange, CA

office wall murals and graphics in OrangeWhich signage solutions would be good choices for your company’s space? Similarly, how can you encourage the consumer to buy into your brand message? Wall graphics and lettering are excellent places to start. They use the blank wall surfaces you currently have and enrich the atmosphere of your location.

Of course, these are not your only options. Consider augmenting these products with window graphics that support your branding. This signage one-two punch could be what is missing from your location right now. Besides that, consider the design and installation of ceiling and floor graphics.

Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in a broad range of graphics products that would be suitable for your office or retail space today. Schedule a design appointment to learn more!

office wall murals and graphics in Orange