Superior Signs and Graphics supports a broad range of business ventures in the Southland. A case in point is AVACEN, which manufactures thermotherapy devices for non-invasive pain therapy. Doing business in San Diego, one of its sales reps is located in Long Beach. This client was getting ready to undertake a cross-country business trip with a Chevy Express van when he decided to add some commercial van decals and lettering.

Taking a Marketing and Branding Message on the Road with Quick Turnaround Van Graphics

commercial van decals and lettering in Long Beach CAWe worked with the client on the selection of style elements that would tell drivers a little more about AVACEN. The goal was to get these prospective customers to text the company and inquire about the product and its benefits.

Our graphic artist designed a combination of explanatory graphics that show the pain management device. Technicians then produced these vehicle graphics and installed them. In addition, we added lettering that gives the consumer some background on the product.

commercial van decals and lettering in Long Beach CABecause the main point of the vehicle graphics treatment is the call to action, we focused the attention of onlookers on this aspect of the setup. By placing it on the upper third of the van, it is visible even in L.A. stop-and-go traffic. Moreover, we ensured a large, colorful presentation that immediately draws the eye due to its product placement and paint selection.

Now, our client has an easy time getting out the word about this revolutionary product. Most importantly, we had the van ready to go for his Saturday start of the business trip.

Small Businesses Benefit from Vehicle Graphics and Lettering Products

commercial van decals and lettering in Long Beach CAIt is a common misconception that only large companies or firms with vehicle fleets can benefit from graphics products. Rather, the mobile marketing field is wide open to anyone with a car, truck, or van that they want to have treated with the right lettering and graphics.

In this way, even small business owners and freelance sales representatives can get the attention of a vast and varied consumer demographic. Of course, depending on your business needs, the graphics might look different.

  • Graphics and lettering package. Consider the advantage of a graphics and lettering package. The images grab the consumer’s attention while the lettering provides informative details that spur the prospective customer on to take action. We can fully customize this product with your unique marketing needs in mind.
  • Spot graphics. Another option is the design, fabrication, and installation of graphics that contain text. These spot graphics are typically excellent options for the hood of a car, the back, the roof, and the doors. Order them in different sizes as needed.
  • Magnets. When your personal vehicle doubles as your company car, you may want to have the ability to turn off the marketing message. With vehicle magnets, you can advertise your company during business hours and turn it back into the family car by removing the magnets when the workday is over.

commercial van decals and lettering in Long Beach CAIf you are thinking of buying commercial van decals and lettering in Long Beach, CA, or anywhere else in Los Angeles County or Orange County, connect with our sign shop. Superior Signs and Graphics is ready to serve you!

commercial van decals and lettering in Long Beach CA