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Recently, we started a project for PerkinElmer. Initially, we designed, produced, and installed corporate wall graphics to add brand-centric touches to the facility. Next, our team focused on corporate culture window graphics that would create serene spaces for employees. This time, the project called for us to do an additional set of warehouse and office wall graphics in Orange County CA!

Lunchroom Wall Graphics and One More Window Wrap

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This set of graphics was targeted for installation in the upper lunchroom. There, they serve to add splashes of color to the white walls and provide spatial differentiation. Besides that, these wall graphics display brand-focused images and messages that inspire employees by reminding them of the work’s importance.

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Our team placed additional lettering and wall stripes into some of the labs and large workspaces. These die-cut products are excellent for introducing and reinforcing brand awareness while decorating the otherwise white walls. Best of all, there is no need for expensive wall art.

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Next, we added another window wrap. It features an attractive mountain flower scene. Before we treated the glass, the view it offered the occupant was onto a warehouse’s roof. However, the wrap allows for a much more attractive vista.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Expensive Office Wall Art

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Custom paintings are expensive. Buying out of the bin at the office supply store is iffy. Far too often, the same print ends up in competitors’ offices, which makes brand-building challenging. Not surprisingly, many business clients are looking for ways to add colorful works of art without busting the budget.

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Take a page from the PerkinElmer playbook, and opt for window wraps and wall graphics. They are easy on the budget, fully customizable, and suitable for adding color in any setting. Moreover, our technicians can size them to be exactly right for your space. That said, there are also other wall art options.

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  • Acrylic wall panels. Some clients have had excellent success with the use of acrylic wall panels. We can imprint a vinyl underlay with the images of your choice. By placing them underneath the acrylic, the material acts as a frame and cover. If you like, we can also add overlays for an eye-catching 3D appearance. Another acrylic treatment option involves our router.
  • Custom-printed wallpaper. Envision your walls covered with a customized wallpaper that features your logo, maybe a corporate name, images from your website, or graphics that are germane to your niche. In this way, you can cover a room of any size. If you prefer, we can also focus on covering only your focal wall.
  • Warehouse wall graphics for safety. In warehouses, there are plenty of bare walls. Why not use them to showcase your safety messages? In this way, you can identify messages that are unique to your industry.

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Are you still searching for the right warehouse and office wall graphics in Orange County, CA? Do you already have some ideas but are unsure what these images would look like on a large wall? We can help! Connect with our graphic artist today to discuss your next wall treatment!

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