The Manila Food Mart is your destination for authentic Filipino food in the turo turo style. This company worked with Milan Capital Management on taking over a storefront at one of the property management company’s shopping centers.

In the past, Superior Signs and Graphics did work for Milan Capital. Examples were commercial property signs in the OC. Therefore, when the Manila Food Mart discussed the need for retail storefront graphics in Orange County, CA, with the property manager, the firm referred the business to our shop.

The First Step to a Great Opening is a Colorful Graphics Package

Retail Storefront Graphics in Orange County CAWe worked with the client on the design, production, and installation of a signage suite that would begin readying the storefront for its grand opening.

  • Perforated window graphic. Because the company wanted to allow sunshine to permeate its interior, we recommended using perforated vinyl for the window graphic. It allows for a full-color representation of the retailer’s food choices. At the same time, it lets sunlight pass through the material while those on the outside will not be able to look in.
  • Wall decal. The wall decal is a contour-cut presentation of the retailer’s brand logo and corporate persona. It includes a white custom print on a green background. However, the lettering extends slightly above the light backdrop, which creates added visual appeal.
  • Door decal. The door decal repeats the message of the wall graphic. It encourages the formation of name recognition and brand awareness.

Our technicians also prepared a “Coming Soon” banner. It alerts passersby that this storefront is about to be opened. For the property management company, the addition of this banner means an increase in foot traffic, which also boosts surrounding vendors’ business.

Inexpensive Storefront Signs Boost Brand-Building at Your (New) Location

Retail Storefront Graphics in Orange County CAEye-grabbing, attractive storefront signage is not optional. You not only want the shopper to know that you are open, but you also need to make a statement that resonates with the buyer. Signage is an excellent way of getting this message across without spending much money on glossy sales collateral.

A good example is the display of custom window graphics. In the case of the Manila Food Mart, the illustration reflects the corporate identity. However, you do not have to limit yourself to this image. Some business clients have had excellent success with displaying slogans, niche-specific images, product photos, or a menu of services.

Blade signs create a presence that appeals to customers walking up to the store from either direction on a sidewalk. These frequently work in tandem with a standard building sign. The blade marker can be as simple as a two-sided HDU board. An A-frame is a useful add-on for any occasion. Special events, sales, new menu items, or the latest flyer coming out are excellent for showcasing with changeable graphics on a customized sandwich board.

Superior Signs and Graphics Does Custom Retail Storefront Graphics in Orange County CA

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Retail Storefront Graphics in Orange County CA