Superior Signs and Graphics has worked with the team at Mammoth Electric for a long time. We have designed, produced, and installed fleet vehicle graphics and two custom lobby logo signs. Just recently, we had the privilege of putting together low-cost sprinter van Graphics in Anaheim, CA, for a charity that this contractor supports: Mission E.C.H.O., Ex-Cholo Helping Others.

Mammoth Electric Donates Van Graphics to an Outstanding Local Charity

Low Cost Sprinter Van Graphics In Anaheim CAMission E.C.H.O., Ex-Cholo Helping Others, is the brainchild of Michael Lopez, who once lived on the streets. Having succeeded in moving forward, he now helps those who are still on the way. Each week, Lopez and his family serve the community.

Because Mammoth Electric was impressed with this charity’s mission, the company became a sponsor and invested in the group’s van graphics package. We designed the setup of the group’s logo, sponsor section, and donation details. Next, our technicians printed the pieces on high-quality vinyl that would go on the van.

Finally, we prepared the van for the graphics installation. Then, we added the highly-detailed decals and lettering to all sides, allowing the charity to appeal to donors while on the road.

Charities Benefit from Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Low Cost Sprinter Van Graphics In Anaheim CAWe routinely work with non-profit organizations – and sometimes also their sponsors – on the design, production, and installation of wraps and graphics products for the cars, trucks, or vans they use. Doing so has three distinct advantages.

  1. Generate name recognition. Unless you are an Angeleno who frequently spends time in the downtown area, you may not know about Mission E.C.H.O. As a result, there is a vast pool of untapped donors who could be reached. By ensuring that the charity’s name crops up everywhere the van drives, it generates name recognition.
  2. Educate consumers. Most consumers know all about the big charities that advertise on T.V. or billboards. However, many do not know the smaller ones that have sprung up locally and may focus their activities on specific locations. This is where vehicle graphics and wraps can be the great equalizers that level the playing field and bring attention to these smaller groups.
  3. Get donations, sponsors, and volunteers. By standing out with the vehicle, you have an opportunity to showcase how people can become involved in meeting a local need. Take a page from the Mission E.C.H.O.’s playbook and display your phone number, Instagram handle, and donation accounts.

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in Low-Cost Sprinter Van Graphics in Anaheim CA

Low Cost Sprinter Van Graphics In Anaheim CAYou do not have to run a charity to appreciate the availability of inexpensive vehicle graphics and wraps. Businesses, schools, and government organizations also focus on reaching out to the consumer with the vehicles they put on the road. While high-impact images can sometimes refer to full wraps with perforated window covers and reflective vinyl, it does not have to be that way.

If you have not yet joined the mobile marketing revolution, do not let cost hold you back. We gladly work with you on putting together a design that attracts attention and is easy on the budget. Call us today!

Low Cost Sprinter Van Graphics In Anaheim CA