Last year, Reliable Gaskets and Guards was ready to join the mobile marketing revolution. The management team contacted our sign shop to put together vehicle graphics for two Ford Transit Express vans. Because the company was on a budget, we put together a product for less than $1,500. This year, the team contacted us to order more low-cost, high-value vehicle graphics in Orange County CA.

Integrating a Tacoma into the Fleet

Low Cost High Value Vehicle Graphics in Orange County CAReaping the benefits of the vehicle graphics success, the team needed to integrate its latest vehicle into the fleet with graphics. It has a shell, which allows the technicians to keep their tools safe in the truck’s bed. Moreover, the cover is an excellent addition that we could incorporate into the look.

Because the company had success with a budget-friendly display last time, there was no reason to spend more. Our graphic artist worked with the graphics we had on file from the previous project. We sized them to be ideally suited for the truck’s doors. Next, we added lettering and the phone number to the tailgate.

For the shell, our specialists centered white lettering that displays the corporate persona and creates a visual counterpoint to the darker glass. At the same time, the white of the letters perfectly matches the white of the truck’s base color, which ties the design together. Now, the fleet is even more effective at bringing in new customers and generating name recognition.

How Do We Design and Install Low-Cost, High-Value Vehicle Graphics in Orange County CA?

Low Cost High Value Vehicle Graphics in Orange County CAWhen we work with clients who impose budget constraints on a project, they are frequently surprised when seeing what we come up with. Some initially think that our quote is too good to be true. This is not the case. Here is how we do it.

  • Design the graphics you want. We listen to our clients. When you have a vision for the graphics setup, we will follow it. Therefore, we do not design a product that is more expensive and not exactly what you had in mind.
  • Work with the vehicle’s surface. You would be amazed to see some of our partial wraps. They cover at least 25% of the vehicle’s exterior. However, our graphic artist can work with the car, truck, or van’s contours to assemble a presentation that stretches along the sides and top. By incorporating the base color, we can put together stunning works of art – on a budget.
  • Know the material. We are 3M preferred installers. This is a designation given by the manufacturer to technicians who learn the ins and outs of using the different types of vinyl for installations. Because we understand the material so well, we know which 3M product could be the right choice for your vehicle needs. Therefore, you do not pay more for specialized vinyl that your car might not even need.

Is It Time to Advertise with Inexpensive Vehicle Graphics?

Low Cost High Value Vehicle Graphics in Orange County CAWe want to help. Discuss your plans with our graphic artist, and we will put together a display that features the elements that make your brand stand out. Call us today!

Low Cost High Value Vehicle Graphics in Orange County CA