The SoCal recruiting office for the US Coast Guard is situated at 11005 Firestone Boulevard. The agency needed an updated door graphic to advertise its presence, be easy to see from farther away and embrace a contemporary functional feel. Because the agency knew we could handle this project, the management team contacted our sign shop to design, produce, and install perforated window graphics in Norwalk CA.

Making the Switch to Effective, Modern Door Wraps

perforated window graphics in Norwalk CAThe front door of the recruiting office is made of glass. Because the agency does not want to lose the incoming sunshine, they requested perforated window graphics to display the advertising on the outside and allow light to shine through. Concurrently, those on the inside can look outside.

The last set of door graphics had outlived their useful time. They featured lettering that was not easy to read from a distance. Besides that, it held plenty of small print that did not make this a user-friendly experience.

Our team visited the location, took measurements, and gauged the parking situation. We recognized that the name and logo of the Coast Guard would be the most critical elements of this redo. With this information in hand, our graphic artist designed a door wrap that would feature the agency’s name, logo, and website address at the top.

Underneath, we placed the logo in white against a black backdrop. It is easy to see from across the parking lot. Most importantly, it has a contemporary flair that attracts attention and is welcoming to prospective recruits. And, as the client requested, they can see out and enjoy the sunshine.

What is Perforated Vinyl?

perforated window graphics in Norwalk CAWhereas standard vinyl is opaque and will not let you see through it, its perforated counterpart has a ratio of micro-perforations evenly spaced on the solid vinyl. One side allows complete visibility to the outside. The other side is suitable for printing and will feature your advertisement or message.

Retailers favor perforated vinyl because it reduces heat and glare from the sun. At the same time, it allows sunlight to enter. Therefore, the retailer has the advantage of the natural light, the safety that comes from seeing out, and the added benefit of not having UVA and UVB rays aging and discoloring displays close to doors and windows.

A Closer Look at Perforated Window Graphics in Norwalk, CA

perforated window graphics in Norwalk CAOur technicians will use perforated vinyl to manufacture window wraps for storefronts, vehicle rear window covers, and decals that might not cover an entire glass surface but only a part thereof. When adding graphics, we ensure that they look fantastic and do not allow a glance inside. Most importantly, we add laminates that prevent the buildup of dust in the perforations.

Our shop can work with the brand elements that you have or put something new together. If you have existing vinyl on the surfaces, we can remove it as part of the site preparation. Contact Superior Signs and Graphics today to learn more about your options and discuss your next perforated window vinyl project!

perforated window graphics in Norwalk CA