Spectrum TV is an umbrella name for a company that provides various business solutions to different ventures. The Spectrum office in Anaheim is a combination of a call center and customer service hub. This client hired our sign shop to create scenic wall murals in Anaheim, CA, that would break up the white wall throughout the building.

Business Owners Favor Wall Graphics and Murals for Dramatic Venue Changes

scenic wall murals in Anaheim CABreaking up otherwise monotone white walls with attractive mural scenes is a great way to create a friendlier atmosphere for those working inside. In addition, murals have the distinction of changing the atmosphere of even the largest rooms almost immediately.

For this project, the client selected two stunning pictures. One is a high-resolution photo of a hillside adjacent to a blue ocean scene. The other one is of a vineyard with mountains and blue sky in the background. We enlarged the graphics and printed them with our late-model equipment. The finished result is a great-looking set of vinyl mural panels that feature vibrant colors and crisp detail renditions.

Because our technicians had already done a surface test at the location, we knew the type of vinyl to select. Finally, our team set up an appointment for the mural installation, prepared the walls, and put up the murals. Look closely, and you will notice that they are perfectly measured and mounted without visible seams.

The client enjoyed the way these murals looked at the venue and invited us back to treat other walls with graphics and murals at the location.

Protecting Your Investments in Wall Graphics and Murals

scenic wall murals in Anaheim CAVinyl is a durable material. Adding a laminate protects the images from fading. Also, the laminate is suitable for cleaning with water and a cloth. However, clients ask for an extra layer of protection in some cases. This is typically the case when vinyl murals or graphics are installed outside or in areas where vandals can reach them.

In these situations, we recommend an anti-graffiti coating. It does not affect the image quality or colors. But when someone spray-paints on the mural or defaces it with a permanent marker, the coating lets you remove the unwanted messages with a solvent and soft cloth. Going this route protects the investment you make in your signs. It is interesting to note that the anti-graffiti laminate is also suitable for other sign surfaces.

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in Vinyl Wall Murals and Graphics

scenic wall murals in Anaheim CAWe earlier talked about a surface test before fabricating and installing the scenic wall murals in Anaheim, CA. Since our team underwent the 3M preferred installer training, we worked directly with factory representatives to learn how to coax the most durability out of the products. The surface test lets us determine what type of vinyl to use for any project.

Of course, we also learned the best practices of installation. The results speak for themselves. If you have been considering installing murals at your place of business, discuss your plans with our graphic artist. Call today!

scenic wall murals in Anaheim CA