Orange Lutheran High School is a repeat client. Because the school is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, we were able to assist with some signage. Concurrently, the administration wants to prepare the facility for the start of the year and asked us for more custom-printed wallpaper for schools in Orange County, CA. Take a closer look!

Creativity Combines with Brand Colors for a Grand Statement

Wall Murals for Orange Lutheran High School in Orange CAAthletics is a big deal at Orange Lutheran HS. The school is proud of its athletics department and likes to show it. The latest expression of this school pride is a football championships wall wrap just outside the locker. You may remember these locker rooms as the ones we did wraps for about a month ago.

This particular high school athletics wallpaper transforms into a 3D wall mural with the addition of acrylic letters and logo elements. Doing so has a three-fold visual effect.

Wall Murals for Orange Lutheran High School in Orange CAImmediate recognition. The wall wraps you see along the hallways feature great-looking gradient color changes, images, and scenes. However, the championship wall stands out since it has the 3D letters.

Focal point. Moreover, the three-dimensional acrylic pieces transform the wall mural from a decorative piece to a focal point in the space.

Branding. All custom-printed wallpapers show off the school’s brand colors. The wall takes it a step farther by introducing the other palette colors and connecting them to the red tones.

Transform a Functional Venue with Custom Wallpaper

Wall Murals for Orange Lutheran High School in Orange CASchools, by definition, have to be functional. Besides, they have to be easy to clean but not easy to damage. As a result, many schools stay away from hallway beautification or department recognition. With the advent of custom-printed school wallpaper, you can beautify hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, and meeting spaces.

The laminate we use is long-lasting and easy to clean, which is a plus when placing wall graphics in schools with younger learners. Moreover, upon request, we can add anti-graffiti laminate, which could be a good option for a middle school or spaces with older kids. If someone scribbles on the wallpaper with a permanent marker, you can remove it.

Best of all, custom-printed wallpaper for schools in Orange County, CA, is budget-friendly!

Get Your Space Ready for the Start of the New School Year or Semester

Wall Murals for Orange Lutheran High School in Orange CASince we handle all aspects of these projects in-house, we do not have to rely on third-party scheduling. Therefore, we can begin fabrication as soon as you approve the specs. Doing so makes it possible for us to completely transform hallways and rooms over the course of a summer vacation, winter break, or even just a weekend.

By the way, in addition to the walls, we can also wrap windows and doors. Exploring your options is quick and simple; call us today!

Wall Murals for Orange Lutheran High School in Orange CA