Doing business from its offices at 4501 West MacArthur Boulevard, Veteran Movers LLC sends fully insured and bonded professional residential movers to your home. They are industry experts who offer a flexible pricing system that makes moving affordable. Because trucks and trailers feature foremost in the course of doing business, the client wanted commercial trailer graphics and decals in Orange County, CA, when they added a new trailer to the fleet. 

Taking Advantage of a Perfectly Designed Logo to Get Attention

Vinyl Decals and Lettering Brand Veteran Movers Cargo Trailer in Orange County CAVeteran Movers uses a perfectly designed logo that incorporates the company’s name. Its color palette and construction include 3D elements and gradient color changes. The client emphasized that they wanted to focus on the phone number to get prospective customers to call.  

Our technicians measured the available surfaces of the trailer and calculated the size that the commercial decals would have to be. Since these trailer graphics would go on an enclosed trailer, there was no need to allow for cutouts such as windows or door handles. Our graphic artist maintained a uniform look by featuring the same design on all sides. We made minor adjustments to the size.

Once the specs were completed, we prepared the surfaces for the installation and mounted the cargo trailer graphics and decals. Now, the company successfully advertises whenever the trailer is on the road.

Decals vs. Wraps

Vinyl Decals and Lettering Brand Veteran Movers Cargo Trailer in Orange County CAFull or partial wraps allow our clients to maximize their advertising or brand-building messages. These graphics products feature a variety of elements that help you differentiate your business from that of the closest competitor. However, there is a place for commercial trailer graphics and decals. An excellent example is Veteran Movers, which succeeded in having its corporate persona stand out perfectly against a stark white backdrop.

Besides that, this client brings plenty of time in the field to the table. As a result, the logo is already familiar to consumers in the service territory. For those who still need an introduction, the fact that the company’s name is part of the logo presentation makes it ideal for a decal. Stand-alone graphics also work well when you want to add a quick message to a new vehicle. 

If you are adding multiple vehicles to a new fleet and may not get around to having them treated with full or partial wraps right away, splash graphics for the hood and doors are good choices. Some clients now also ask for them to be added to the roof of a van or truck, which advertises to potential customers in high rises and similar locations.  

We Fully Customize Commercial Trailer Graphics and Decals in Orange County, CA

Vinyl Decals and Lettering Brand Veteran Movers Cargo Trailer in Orange County CAWhether you already have specs or still need some help with putting together a presentation that turns heads, we can help. Similarly, our shop does full and partial wraps, graphics packages, and add-ons such as perforated vinyl window graphics or reflective vinyl. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

Vinyl Decals and Lettering Brand Veteran Movers Cargo Trailer in Orange County CA