Located at 2500 East Nutwood Avenue in Fullerton, Hope International University is the home of the Royals. The school is highly supportive of its athletics department, and recently the administration asked us to customize some athletics-themed wall wraps for schools in Orange County, CA.

Athletics Department Wall Graphics Create the Backdrop for a Trophy Display

3D Wall Wraps for School Athletics Programs in Orange County CA

For this project, we installed a wall wrap that features various scenes from the Royals’ athletics. The colors are dark, and the sports themes require you to pay attention. We added three-dimensional lettering overlaid for the wording, creating the “Champions” title for the wall space. 

The client wanted a space to highlight the school’s athletic successes. The dark backdrop with the eye-catching 3D letters is now the backdrop for the addition of clear plexiglass shelves. They will be mounted on the wall and then hold the trophies the teams have won. The finished product will be a highly visible wall championing the school’s athleticism. 

Schools Put Student Achievements on display with Custom-Designed Wall Wraps

3D Wall Wraps for School Athletics Programs in Orange County CA

Creating memories for current and former students, they highlight athletic achievements with wall murals, graphics, lettering, and unique walls built to display trophies. Another use for custom-designed wall wraps for school athletics focuses on inspiring students to develop their potential in their selected sports programs. 

Featuring images of cheering crowds and successful plays is an excellent way of doing so. We have installed wall murals in hallways, locker rooms, gyms, and weight rooms. By the way, we can also take the celebration of athletic achievement outside. Consider imprinted fence banners that feature some of your star athletes.

Choosing Photos for the Project

3D Wall Wraps for School Athletics Programs in Orange County CA

Our graphic artist recommends using high-resolution photos of actual plays and audiences. It allows current students to recognize friends and even themselves. Every so often, consider adding more graphics to include new students. By the way, you do not have to limit your displays to only the students. 

Theater departments and those celebrating high academic achievement already know that trophy walls are excellent for featuring students. Athletics departments have taken the idea of wall graphics for schools and their customization in an entirely new direction.

Many athletic teams have beloved coaches and other support personnel that students have relied on for years. You might also add long-time donors who make your athletics programs or transportation of the students possible. Using wall graphics to thank them for their involvement is a great way of honoring these adults. 

We Help Design Wall Wraps for Schools in Orange County, CA

3D Wall Wraps for School Athletics Programs in Orange County CA

It is a common misconception that you must have a finished design ready for printing. This is simply not the case. Our shop routinely works with school administrators who have ideas, some might even have photos, but there are no finished specs. We assist you with the project from inception to final installation. 

See how we do it; call today!

3D Wall Wraps for School Athletics Programs in Orange County CA