ADBA is short for the Art of Dance and Ballet Academy. The school is located at 1840 North Placentia Avenue, with an excellent retail frontage. The client asked our graphic artist to design eye-catching advertisements displayed as storefront window graphics in Orange County, CA. 

Perforated Window Graphics for Businesses Combine Advertising with Visibility

Perforated Window Graphics That Last Longer in Placentia CAWe recommended using see-through window graphics. For retailers, they offer an opportunity for advertising and brand-building while those on the inside can still see out. Perforated vinyl has minute holes that let light through. However, those outside the location only see the imprinted graphics. 

Superior Signs and Graphics Goes the Extra Mile for Perforated Window Graphics Clients

Perforated Window Graphics That Last Longer in Placentia CADid you know that most local sign companies do not laminate perforated window graphics? This practice significantly reduces the useful life of the product. Cleaning non-laminated perforated window graphics is tricky because dirt gets into the perforations. 

In contrast, Superior Signs and Graphics laminates perforated storefront window graphics with an optically clear laminate that makes cleaning easy and protects the colors from UV rays. Is it more challenging to install? You bet. After all, air bubbles easily get trapped in the perforations. However, our team specializes in this practice, and you notice that none of the window wraps have bubbles. 

Retail Window Graphics are Ideal for Engaging the Consumer

Perforated Window Graphics That Last Longer in Placentia CAWhen you see the images of the different panels we did, you will notice that there appears to be a continuing flow of some style elements – even if architectural elements separate the windows. Concurrently, using photographs of dancers and labeling the disciplines works well to inform anyone walking up to the Academy what they can learn there.

Other retail clients have done very well with graphics that showcase products such as fruits, animal feed, clothing, and more. We incorporate elements of the brand’s presence into the design, which makes these window graphics uniquely yours. Besides that, consider pairing window graphics that face outward with point-of-sale signs and customer education displays on the inside. 

We can create these pairings by repeating some elements of the window graphics or using them in much smaller dimensions as a backdrop for your message. Another option is the design of sales collateral that follows the images and expressions used on the windows. 

We Routinely Design Storefront Window Graphics in Orange County, CA

Perforated Window Graphics That Last Longer in Placentia CAIf you are looking for something other than full window wraps, remember that we can also do stand-alone graphics. They can be done in any color or consist of smaller photos. Envision your storefront’s glass featuring decals as well as lettering that spells out your name or supports your branding. Best of all, printed vinyl is cost-effective. 

And, if you only need short-term graphics for seasonal displays, you save even more money. For these types of products, we would use a different kind of vinyl specifically made for the presentations you will only need for a short time. Call us today to get started!

Perforated Window Graphics That Last Longer in Placentia CA