Earlier, our team worked with Syntegric Advisors in Arcadia. Our team then designed, produced, and installed frosted acrylic wall signs and three-dimensional logos. The client requested a custom word wall graphic for this latest project. The word wall graphic is fully customized for the client. The wording is die-cut and applied using transfer tape to ensure all letters are correctly spaced. The finished product uniquely identifies Syntegric’s brand across a large focal wall. 

office word wall graphics in orange county, ca

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in Word Wall Graphics in Orange and Los Angeles Counties

If you have followed our blog or checked out our gallery, you know that office word wall graphics are popular for various settings. For example, we designed a brand-focused word wall for our shop when we expanded the available office space. Focused on words that bespeak our industry, they created a unique space

Schools greatly appreciate the versatility word walls bring to a campus. For the NOVA Academy, the client specified a product that would provide inspiration and enhance the decor of the workout studio. Orange Lutheran High School needed a wall mural and word wall rolled into one to welcome guests and new students. 

In the medical field, word wall graphics and decals set the tone for the patient’s experience at the facility. Check out the work we did for Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy. By the way, the advantage of wall lettering does not limit itself to medical venues catering to humans. We were able to assemble a set for NVA.

Another excellent display area is the warehouse setting. Office wall graphics are specifically targeted to encourage employees. A word wall graphics theme in a distribution center is suitable for framing information while beautifying an otherwise utilitarian space. 

Selecting Words for the Word Wall

word wall graphics in orange county, ca

Choose terms that align with the office culture, values, and overall purpose. We have identified several key considerations. 

  • Reflect the company’s values. Consider the core values and mission of your organization. Select words representing these principles, such as integrity, collaboration, innovation, or excellence. These words should resonate with employees and reinforce the company’s culture.
  • Positive and motivational language. Choose words that inspire and motivate employees. Words like “growth,” “perseverance,” “success,” and “creativity” can encourage individuals to reach their full potential and foster a positive mindset within the office.
  • Industry terminology. Incorporate words that are specific to your industry or field. It creates a sense of identity and expertise among employees. Industry-specific vocabulary can include terms like “sustainability,” “agility,” “customer-centric,” or “cutting-edge.”
  • Inclusive language. Another function of selected words is to promote inclusivity and diversity within the workplace. Use words that embrace different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. Examples include “diversity,” “equality,” “inclusion,” “respect,” and “empowerment.”

Work with Our Team to Design a Custom Word Wall Graphic for Your Company

custom designed word wall graphics in orange county, ca

Do you already have a list of words you would like to use? Would you like to work with our expert to explore different terms? Call us today to schedule an appointment!