Custom-designed wall graphics for schools run the gamut from brand-building elements to school spirit graphics. Santa Margarita Catholic High School decided to feature timeline wall graphics for Orange County high school offices. They would introduce visitors to the school’s history and growth.

custom designed wall graphics for schools in orange county, ca

Santa Margarita Catholic High School and Orange Lutheran are in the Same Sports Conference

Orange Lutheran (OLU) is a longtime client. Over the years, our team designed, produced, and installed custom high school athletics wall wraps, 3D wall lettering and pole banners, and assorted wall graphics. With both schools being in the Trinity League, it makes sense that folks from the Catholic school would visit OLU. When the school was in the market for 3M wall graphics, the administration looked us up and invited us to visit. 

Timeline Wall Graphics for Schools are Integral Parts of the Brand Story 

The client’s offices are beautifully designed. A few open wall spaces were ideally situated to underscore the school’s history and reinforce its brand message. A vertical floor-to-ceiling wall graphic tells the stats of the class of 2023. It inspires students and parents.  

A longer wall was the ideal location for a horizontal timeline. The client supplied the photos we would include. Our graphic artist collaborated on the printed aspect of the graphic, which would be one of the first brand interactions visitors will have as they enter the administration office. We used the entire wall length to show the timeline from the school’s beginning to last year. 

3M wall graphics for schools in orange county, ca

The client liked our work, and we will undertake another project phase shortly.

Timeline Wall Graphics are Not Just for Orange County High School Offices

Custom-designed wall graphics for schools are an excellent option for presenting the institution’s history and showcasing the space for growth that the administration envisions. However, schools are not unique in their appreciation for the power of a facility’s history. Our team has done similar graphics for a wide variety of businesses. 

  • Motul. The manufacturer of automotive high-end lubricants requested window and matching wall graphics. We put together a heritage display on a wall that faces the customer and serves as a backdrop to a motorcycle display. It traces the company’s different products and the years they were introduced.
  • Ontario Fire Department. The department’s training facility welcomes future firefighters who will spend time in this classroom before going to a station. Because the department traces its founding back to 1883, we had a lot of material that our graphic artist transformed into a mural timeline featuring full-color and sepia photos. Three-dimensional letters add a focal point.
  • QCD. The client has a distribution center. These facilities are well known for their vast wall space. Rather than keeping them blank for a utilitarian look, we were asked to put together a giant timeline wall mural. The colorful decal tells the successful company’s story. We combined this signage setup with hanging safety banners. They add splashes of color to the facility, which makes it a nicer place to come to. 

timeline wall graphics for schools in orange county, ca

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