The contemporary vehicle fleet no longer consists of three to ten identical cars, trucks, or vans. It is far more common for companies to have vehicles for different business needs. For example, passenger cars are great for visiting customers. Vans are excellent for transporting crews, while trucks are ideal for materials. Each car, truck, or van must have matching fleet vehicle graphics for the most significant advertising and branding impact. In Anaheim, CA, we did this type of project for Pacific West Industries.

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Case Study: Full-Service Carrier© Controls Experts Advertise and Brand with Matching Decals and Lettering for Commercial Vehicles

Our team has done a number of different fleet graphics prints and installation projects. With fleets that have several vehicle types, our technicians work hard to maintain a uniform look that is recognizable from vehicle model to vehicle model. Any messaging displayed on the truck is also featured on its vans. Doing so lets the client present current and prospective customers with identical information – albeit adjusted for vehicle size and makeup.

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Did you know that you do not have to go it alone while assembling a fleet of vehicles and overseeing your branding and marketing messages? We use a library of vehicle templates to ensure proper placement and sizing of decals and lettering. Doing so is critical for commercial trucks because many vehicle models change their lines from one model year to the next.

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Our team has worked with several fleet managers to implement this tool. 

What is the Makeup of Your Fleet?

fleet vehicle graphics in anaheim, ca

Do you need fleet vehicle graphics in Anaheim, CA? Maybe you are running a business out of L.A. County. Our team will gladly assist you with all your fleet vehicle needs. We will gladly take on the project if you have two cars, trucks, vans, or 200. Call us today to schedule an appointment!