Is Illuminated Signage Right for Me? 3 Things to Consider

Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs are incredibly popular options for business owners. Our dynamic digital, neon, and LED models work day and night to draw the eyes of clients, effectively doubling your business’s visibility and driving home your marketing message 24/7.

If your business is fighting for eyes in a busy area, a little illumination goes a long way. LEDs have benefited from serious upgrades in recent years, transforming a rather unwieldy and high-maintenance technology into a flexible, affordable, and reliable option that can be deployed as 3D fabricated lettering, back light logos, under-awning lightboxes, and more.

If you’ve been considering incorporating illuminated signage into your business storefront, today’s post is for you. Read on as we review 3 major considerations to make before you buy.

  • Does illuminated signage fit my budget? Budgetary concerns are always going to be the driving force behind your signage decisions. Fortunately, modern sign manufacturing has come a long way, creating illuminated options for almost any budget. While exact prices will fluctuate from one company to another, and will depend on your chosen pixel pitch, lighted signs can cost as little as $30 per square foot. Neon signs are typically the most expensive, ranging from $200 to $1200 per square foot. Contact a member of our team for more detailed pricing information.When pricing out your project, don’t forget that sign costs are amortized over time, just like real estate. For this reason, you should look beyond what your sign costs up front. Instead, consider the initial cost over the sign’s potential lifespan, and compare that to the amount of money you would typically spend on advertising. When you consider these factors, the bottom-line cost of your illuminated “silent salesperson” really shrinks.

    On the other hand, you will also need to factor in maintenance costs, which may include cleaning, electrical work, and bulb replacements.

  • Does my business’s traffic justify illuminated signage? Budgetary concerns aside, the location of your business, and its ability to be spotted by passersby, will greatly influence your signage choice. Truth be told, there is little sense in spending big money on a deluxe illuminated sign if nobody will see it until they’re parked out front. In these cases, your money may be better spent on Point-of-Sale (POS) signs or other in-store options.On the other hand, if your location is visible from the street and you want to stand out, there’s no better choice than illuminated signage. In one pilot study, researchers analyzed the efficacy of illuminated signage in terms of customer likes and dislikes, ease of use, and cost effectiveness (van Bulck, 2011). Based on these criteria, researchers concluded that LED signs were associated with high degrees of satisfaction, and were able to outperform unlit counterparts in all trials.
  • Do my hours of operation justify illuminated signage? Logic dictates that businesses that are not open during the evening will not benefit from illuminated signage to the same degree as late-night operations. If your company stays open past lights-out, odds are that illuminated signage will yield a significant business boost.

Learn more about illuminated signage options – visit to explore free learning resources and illuminate signage options, or to book a free consultation with a local Signworld owner.


vanBulck, H. E. (2011). The Effectiveness of Outdoor LED Advertising Signs. University of South Carolina.



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