LED displays utilize a new but common technology to deliver customizable, dynamic and brilliantly eye catching signage solutions to the sign market. Able to display photo realistic graphics, run gorgeous animations and even display full motion video, LED message centers have countless applications.  Popular at schools, car dealerships, and shopping centers, LED message centers can be used to say something as simple as “thank you” or complex enough to display real time information from the New York Stock Exchange.   When business owners need to rotate their public messages on a regular basis and do so in a highly visible manner, LED message centers are the perfect solution.  With exterior or interior models, LED message centers are constructed to be long term signage solutions for business owners, offering you as a Signworld owner the opportunity to deliver lasting satisfaction to your customers.

As a Signworld owner, you’re able to partner with the Preferred Partner network on the manufacture, installation and operation of LED signs if needed.  Once you have established your company as the premier sign solution provider and your customer demand for LED signs has increased, you will be able to expand your production capacity and manage the entire LED signage process internally.