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Margie Hegg spent most of her career in product management and development for some very well-known apparel brands.  But a layoff after 20+ years in the corporate world gave her an opportunity to rethink her future.  So, Margie began to research different business opportunities because she was ready to own her own business!

Leveraging her experience in product management and development, a light manufacturing business was a great fit.  So, in 2017, Margie opened American Sign Studio in Worthington, OH.  Like many Signworld Owners, Margie loved the freedom and flexibility of the Signworld model to uniquely position her company to be different than other sign companies in her market.  Along the way, she realized that her years of experience in the corporate world gave her advantages in the market to serve her customers differently and build a base of reliable, repeat customers.

Where other sign companies were focused purely on the product, Margie was focused on the customer.  Through her relational consultation process with each customer, she focuses on the customers goals and then her team goes to work finding ways to visually communicate them through signage.  The attention to detail with their clients has helped them become one of the top sign companies in Ohio.

In 2021, Margie’s husband Paul decided to leave the corporate world behind as well and joined the business as it was rapidly growing and in need of additional personnel.

Margie and American Sign Studio have attracted a number of well-known regional brands, most recently FC Bank and their network of branch banks, to help them rebrand and better share their message throughout each of their locations.

Recently, Margie was recognized as one of the top 50 business leaders in Ohio by Smart Business Magazine.


Location: Worthington, OH

Years in business: 5+ Years

Recognized as one of the top 50 business leaders in Ohio by Smart Business Magazine

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