A Look Inside the Signworld Alliance’s Business Model

A Look Inside the Signworld Alliance's Business Model

Thinking about starting a sign shop? Want a closer look at the Signworld alliance’s business model? Today’s post is for you.

A good business model explains why a company will be successful by identifying revenue sources, customer base, high-demand products, and the details of financing. Read on for a complete breakdown!

What are the Primary Revenue Sources for Signworld Business Partners?

Our business model is based primarily around ongoing custom signage sales to big customers with recurring need.

We produce custom vehicle wraps, digitally printed graphics, digital signs, flags, banners, textile/fabric prints, window graphics, safety signs, trade show displays, real estate signs, and more in-house.

But we also offer scalable outsourcing solutions for orders that fall outside our capabilities. In doing so, we maximize our business partners’ opportunities to profit and help out businesses in their community.

How Big is the Customer Base?

The sign industry customer base is highly resilient – every brick-and-mortar business in your area has signage needs, to say nothing of the thousands of customers looking for signs for their private party or event every year.

For most Signworld partners, a core customer base of 20-30 buyers will generate up to 80% of their annual gross sales. By relying on long-term customer relationships, our business partners can save thousands every year on marketing expenses that would otherwise go towards generating new leads.

If you think you’ll have trouble hitting that 20-30 customer benchmark, keep in mind that the Signworld Territory system gets you exclusive rights to up to 3,000 businesses in your area. No other Signworld ally will touch those companies, which means you’ve only got to convert 1% of your exclusive local customer base.

And don’t think you’re limited to your Territory, either. Many of our business partners have focused on internet sales and unlocked market opportunities all across the country.

Are Signs Still in High Demand?

As mentioned earlier, our business model is highly resilient since every brick-and-mortar business needs a sign. But would you guess that the signage industry is booming in 2018?

It’s true. Market demand for printed signage is still going strong, despite the rise of virtual marketing and home-based businesses. Indeed, market estimates suggest that the demand for indoor signage has more than doubled in recent years, and will continue to grow at a rate of 1.2% per year until 2020. Retail signage is also as hot as ever, particularly when it comes to short-lived promotional signs. And don’t overlook the booming digital signage industry – these high-tech dynamic signs are flexible, engaging, and cost-efficient, and our customers know it!

Do Startup Costs Support your Long-term Growth and Profitability?

Signworld’s investment totals at $195,000, which includes a $150,000 pre-launch and ongoing support package; $20,000 allotted to startup expenses; and a $25,000 cash reserve for emergencies or shortfalls. This price is highly competitive with other industries, and its value increases exponentially when you consider that Signworld collects no royalty fees.

When you consider our robust revenue sources, huge and resilient customer base, and the growing demand for signage, it’s not hard to appreciate the true value of our sign shop opportunity.

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