Monumental Marketing: 3 Reasons To Use Monument Signs For Business Advertising

Monumental Marketing: 3 Reasons To Use Monument Signs For Business Advertising

Today’s post reviews industry research to highlight the monumental marketing power of roadside monument signs. Read on to learn 3 reasons businesses everywhere use monument signs to anchor their exterior sign systems.

Monument Signs Get Your Business Spotted

Getting your sign spotted is critical for any business venture–we all know that. But new research underlines the direct link between roadside sign performance and sales revenue:

According to research by the International Sign Association, 54% of consumers have failed to locate a business due to insufficient signage. Based on that figure, researchers determined that the addition of a single sign at every fast-food outlet at a popular Los Angeles chain would increase the brand’s total sales revenues by $132 million!

If you’re looking to make more impressions with your roadside signage, monument signs are an ideal solution. Mounted at eye level and strategically placed in prominent areas, monument signs are practically impossible for passing motorists and pedestrians to miss. And Signworld partners can make them even more eye-catching by incorporating illumination and eye-catching color into your design.

Monument Signs Create Authoritative Brand Image

Several studies have investigated the impact of brand image on consumer behavior (Aghekyan-Simonian et al., 2012; Ryu et al., 2008). We know for a fact that consumers are much more likely to purchase products and services from companies with well-established brand names (Aghekyan-Simonian et al., 2012). In one study, the influence of brand image on purchase decisions was found to be roughly equal to that of perceived price and value.

Monument signs are a surefire way to increase brand authority and awareness. When properly designed, monument signs create a commanding upscale aesthetic that will instantly elevate your brand image in the eyes of passersby. If you need help creating a design that commands respect while conveying your brand values, many Signworld partners offer branding consultations in-house.

Monument Signs More Cost-effective Than Other Advertising Options

In one study, researchers measured the cost-per-thousand (CPM) impressions of different marketing mediums. Running newspaper ads cost about $7.39; radio ads cost about $5.00. In contrast, monument signs pulled in 1000 impressions for a mere $0.15!

Clearly, monument signs are the more cost-effective advertising option for businesses. And unlike newspaper and radio ads, monument sign impressions can lead to impulse buys–the prospect is right outside your doors, after all.

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Ryu, K., Han, H., & Kim, T. H. (2008). The relationships among overall quick-casual restaurant image, perceived value, customer satisfaction, and behavioral intentions. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 27(3), 459-469.



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