Monument signs are a basic necessity for many different types of customers.  Schools, religious centers, gas stations, retail centers, hospitals, corporate headquarters, apartment complexes and office parks are all examples of potential customers for monument signs.  Coming in multiple formats, monument signs can be constructed to the customer’s specifications featuring options like sandblasted surfaces, etched or cut metal, LED displays, dynamic digital sign displays, dimensional letters, channel letters, backlit with a vinyl overlay, or externally lit surfaces.  With exterior finishes including brick, stucco, stone or various faux surfaces, monument signs can be constructed to fit the aesthetic of any environment.

As a new Signworld owner, you have the option to partner with the Preferred Partner network on the design, manufacture and installation of monument signs if needed.  Once you have gained more experience and your customer demand for monument has increased, you have the option to expand your production capacity and handle the entire monument signage process from beginning to end.