PVC Vs. Foam Board: What’s Best For Your Sign Project?

PVC vs. Foam Board: What's Best for Your Sign Project?

The reality is that it can be somewhat difficult at times in being able to decide which type of material you should use for the printing of your design project. You will need to give consideration to the cost of your sign project. Then you need to take into consideration the durability of the material that will be applied for the creation of your sign project. In addition, you must make a decision regarding the print style of the sign project along with the aspect of the practicality of the material that is chosen for the particular design project.

With all these various elements to take into consideration, things can seem to be complicated sometimes. Therefore, in an effort to help you simplify the process, we here at SignWorld are happy to provide you with information concerning the details pertaining to PVC as well as foam board. Then you will be able to have the knowledge that you need when it comes to being able to select the most appropriate type of material for your particular sign project.

Foam Board For Your Design Project

When you are on a tight budget, you will be pleased to know that foam board is the most cost-effective material in comparison to PVC when you need to have a sign made. Yet, when durability is paramount, then it is important to be aware that this material possesses a lower level of durability when it is compared to PVC. When this type of material is selected for your sign project, it is realized that vinyl is used for the printing of any text and images, which then are applied to the foam board via the application of spray adhesive.

Certainly, it is important to be mindful that moisture can be absorbed by foam board, which then can cause the material to unfortunately experience the presence of warping with relative ease. Moreover, it is wise to be careful to store any signs that are made with foam board in a flat position in order to extend the lifespan of your signs. This type of material is more suited for usage for signs for events that are held indoors or when the sign is just temporary, such as for trade shows or conferences.

PVC For Your Design Project

When you need material that is ultra-durable for your sign, then you will be pleased with the high level of durability that is offered by PVC.  But do realize that this material is more expensive in comparison to foam board. However, in such a case that the cost of PVC is not a hindrance, then you will find that this type of material is indeed a worthwhile investment for your sign.

This type of material is ideal to use for signs due to the fact of not typically experiencing any warping. Also, the good news is that PVC proves to be resistant to the absorption of moisture. In such instances that you must use your sign many times, then PVC is the beneficial choice.


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