Set Your Sign Business Up for Success with Signworld

Set Your Sign Business Up for Success with Signworld

Today’s post explains what distinguishes the Signworld system from other business opportunities when it comes to maximizing your profit.

The Signworld System Is Designed To Put Money In Your Pocket (And Keep It There).

The Signworld system is inherently “pro-profit” because it targets the thriving sign and billboard manufacturing industry, which serves the 30+ million businesses active in the US as well as the federal government, which spent a total of $20,684,992 on sign and billboard manufacturing in 2018 alone. But while the sign business is booming, not all sign companies are created equal. So what makes the Signworld system special?

First, let’s talk about start-up costs.

The Signworld investment typically amounts to $210,000. This includes the cost of training, office equipment and software, sign-making equipment and materials, continuing education, insurance premiums, utility hookups, your website, and basically everything you need to build your business. If you want a full breakdown, check out the Signworld Investment page.

If that sounds like a lot, consider this: the average big-brand fast food franchise expects a minimum $500,000 down payment, which is more than double our investment (source: McDonald’s Franchise Website). And that doesn’t include the cost of rent, nor does it factor in their recurring “service fee” (aka the dreaded royalties). That fast-food franchise also requires a huge staff of part-time employees to operate, which means you’re on the hook for payroll.

Not only is our opportunity much more affordable, but Signworld partners rely on small career staff of 2-3 employees. That means less labor hours spent managing and hiring staff, as well as a much smaller payroll.

We also do not collect any royalty fees; once you’ve bought into the Signworld system, you’re in, and every penny you earn belongs to you.

The Signworld system also puts money in your pocket by way of valuable vendor discounts. Most Signworld owners save thousands per year by taking advantage of the great relationships we’ve built with vendors over the last 30 years.

At the same time, our territory system ensures that no other Signworld partner ever encroaches on your local sales. Every Signworld owner gets a protected territory consisting of a contiguous cluster of zip codes that contains up to 3,000 businesses. No Signworld partner will ever sell on your turf. However, you’re not limited to this territory. Thanks to our cutting edge e-commerce model, you can sell almost anywhere in the country (so long as you don’t step on another partners’ toes!).

Finally, our start-up process includes full support in locating an optimal site for your business. Our commercial real estate broker will help you analyze traffic patterns, landmark location, and parking/tenant mixes to ensure you have the best possible location to get noticed and drive sales. As always, you get the final say, but we do everything in our power to ensure you make an informed decision.

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