Are You Ready to Start a Sign Business?

Are You Ready to Start a Sign Business?

Are you ready to start a sign business?

Read on to learn if you possess the right entrepreneurial spirit, and how starting a sign business with the Signworld business alliance can bring your self-starter business dreams to life.

Embracing The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The notion that entrepreneurs were demonstrably different from business owners and managers first came to light in 1934 when J.A. Schumpeter published his book, The Theory of Economic Development. Therein, Schumpeter described entrepreneurs as individuals “whose function was to carry out new combinations of means of production,” which he saw as being fundamental to economic development (Carland et al., 2007, p. 73).

Schumpeter also highlighted a number of distinct personality traits that his research suggested were characteristic of entrepreneurs, many of which appear in the list of “10 Personality Traits of Legendary Entrepreneurs” published by Entrepreneur magazine:

  • Open-Mindedness. In order to stay on top of an ever-changing industry like the signage world (which only recently began a huge digital shift), you need to be coachable, flexible, and eager to learn from everything. Rigid business formulas and close-minded approaches rarely deliver.
  • Focus. The sign business involves meeting strict deadlines, coordinating multi-person teams, and maintaining exceptional attention to detail at all times.
  • Influence. You’ll need to embrace the social side of this business to truly excel. Prepare for regular client meetings, design consultations, and vendor networking.
  • Willfulness. Though the Signworld business alliance does provide more of a safety net than going at it unsupported, you’ll still need some grit to rise to the top.
  • Process-Oriented Thinking. Creativity is key in the sign business, but relying on instinct and creativity alone can get you into trouble. Process-oriented thinkers do best in the sign business, particularly when outsourcing comes into play.Full list available here.

Do you possess any of these traits? You may be a budding entrepreneur.

At Signworld, we understand the entrepreneurial spirit. Your passion, vision, and innovation separate you from run-of-the-mill business owners. But those same traits can make it difficult to find an existing business model that honors your entrepreneurial spirit. You won’t be satisfied by simply “buying in” and “following the formula.”

If that’s the case, the Signworld business alliance might be right for you.

Our system exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit and encourages sign shop autonomy. Our model aligns with Schumpeter’s definition, combining the best of web-savvy franchising with the freedom of running your own business to revolutionize sign manufacturing. Further, our model is designed to empower entrepreneurs by providing access to proven systems, best practices, and endless resources for continuing education, without forcing you to run things a certain way.

Learn More About Starting A Sign Shop As A Business Ally

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