Top 5 Benefits of Using Outdoor Signage to Boost Summer Business

Outdoor Signage

Today, we’re going to look at the top five reasons to display portable signs, A-frames, and mural or wallpaper graphics outside this summer.

Create awareness in the community.

Portable signs, A-frames and mural graphics make an impact on passersby, bringing instant awareness to summer sales, special offers, and grand openings in the community.

As the warmer months bring out the foot traffic out of hiding, you may notice how often the same people pass your storefront; we are all creatures of habit, and tend to travel the same routes from day to day.

While traveling the same old routes, our minds are always scanning for novelty, and new signage stands out like a sore thumb (in the best possible way!). To these regular faces that form your community, your sign or mural is a silent salesperson walking with them for a few moments and spreading your intended message. If the message hits home, they may even share it with whomever they’re walking to meet.

Expand your area of influence, street-by-street.

Storefront signage is wonderful, but still limited to the immediate area around your store. Strategic road sign placement is a fantastic tactic for attracting people who don’t routinely pass your store to your sale or event, especially during the summer months when weather and visibility are optimal.

Most business owners have the greatest success placing their road signs one or two streets away from their storefront, with concise directions (e.g. next left!) included in the sign copy. Placing signs away from the storefront does mean leaving your marketing investment out of your sight, but the benefits are twofold: 1) you expand your promotional reach and 2) you give the drive enough time to consider stopping.

Be sure to mix up where your sign is placed, making sure your message is displayed to traffic coming from all directions over the course of a week or two.

If you’re concerned about leaving your sign unattended, consider teaming up with a business around the corner and trading sign placements to capture leads from traffic going in opposite directions.

Outdoor signage options are extremely affordable.

A-frames and portable signs are highly effective at generating leads and impressions, and their mobility means they can be reused almost anywhere. But best of all, they’re very affordable, even with custom production.

Capture new internet traffic on the spot.

Using outdoor signage this summer is a great way to generate more traffic for your company’s website. Listing web addresses in sign copy used to be a faux pas, as few people would take the time to write down even the snappiest URL, but now the majority of people walk around with the internet in their pocket.

Today, A-frames, murals, and portable signs are some of the best tools for promoting websites and consolidating your online/offline presence. Moreover, if you use a unique landing page for the sign copy, page metrics can give you hard data on the efficacy of your outdoor sign.

Create a social media stir with a stunning mural this summer.

If you’re tired of the same old signage, Signworld experts have the training, creativity, and experience to produce some pretty incredible work. Wow passersby, court social media attention, and enrich the community by installing an artful mural that conveys product, brand, or service information in a striking aesthetic. You may even become the new community destination for summer selfies!

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