What ‘Digital Culture’ Means For Your Sign Business

What Digital Culture Means For Your Sign Business

For our purposes, digital culture is a blanket concept that describes the notion that digital technology and the internet have greatly shaped the way consumers interact, behave, and think. It refers to the ubiquity of mobile devices, the limitless access to information, and the emergence of the ecommerce world.

So what does that mean for your sign business, exactly?

Today’s post explains 3 ways sign businesses need to adapt in order to maximize sales in 2019.

Having a Strong Digital Presence is Essential

If your business lacks a strong digital presence–website, social media, “citations” in various online directories, and SEO, to start–you’re missing out on thousands of new impressions and potential sales.

Local sales opportunities abound in our current digital culture–according to Google, the number of user searches that include the words “near me” have grown by over 500% in the past two years. That means huge audiences are using Google search to find local businesses like yours. If you want to get your sign shop’s products and services in front of more buyers, invest in building your digital presence, and focus especially on local SEO.

Did you know that Signworld partners typically make more than 50% of their sales through their website’s e-commerce alone? You can too.

Lacking a digital presence can also jeopardize repeat sales and referral opportunities. Past customers will look for your business online, either to verify your contact information or refer your shop to a friend. But if they don’t find a website, directory listing, or social media page with your contact information, they’ll assume you went out of business–that’s how much your web presence matters in 2019’s digital culture!

E-commerce is Now A Trusted Sales Channel you Cannot Ignore

If you asked somebody their opinion on ecommerce fifteen years ago, it’d almost assuredly be negative. For awhile, online shopping was considered either fad or fraud. But that’s completely changed.

In today’s digital culture, consumers trust ecommerce, and shop online for everything from toilet paper to automobiles.

Statista reports that ecommerce was responsible for around $2.3 trillion in sales in 2017. This number is expected to hit $4.5 trillion by 2021. In the United States alone, ecommerce is responsible for more than 10% of retail sales, and it’s growing at breakneck speed.

Online signage sales are a huge source of revenue for Signworld business partners using our ecommerce model–at least 50% of profits for the average owner. If you’re not tapping into this incredible global sales channel, you’re missing out!

Demand for Digital Signage is Skyrocketing

People loves staring at digital displays in 2019. We wake up in the morning and browse our smartphone screens over breakfast; then we drive to work and stare at our computer monitors all day; then we drive home and watch TV at night. It’s little wonder that the demand for dynamic digital signage has also increased.

According to a study published by Orbis Research, the US digital signage market will be valued at $31.62-billion by 2023, which makes 2019 the perfect time to contact the Signworld business alliance. We can provide you with the training and resources needed to make dynamic digital signs and capitalize on this surge of demand.

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