10 Things That Might Surprise You About Running a Modern Sign Company

10 Things That Might Surprise You About Running a Modern Sign Company

Today’s post is for anybody considering buying a sign business of their own. Read on to learn 10 surprising facts about modern sign shop ownership, as well as why you should consider joining the Signworld business alliance.

  • There are no hard rules.

    One of the most exciting aspects of the Signworld opportunity is that our business alliance does not bind you to any rigid ruleset. Indeed, our entire model is about maximizing your autonomy and empowering business owners to chase down their unique vision. Run your business your way – we’re just here to help.

  • We do not collect royalty fees.

    Yes, you read that right. The Signworld business alliance does not take money out of the owners’ pocket, which means bigger bottom lines for our members. Nevertheless, we still offer top-tier training, state-of-the-art equipment packages, and responsive support that will help you leave the competition behind.

  • Modern sign production is a creative process.

    This business is not about mass-producing standard signage and trying to “keep up with the conveyor belt.” Most of our clients are looking for custom production, which means every day is different and creatively rewarding.

  • Modern sign shops offer pleasant work environments.

    Contrary to popular belief, the modern sign shop is void of any loud noises, odors, or dangerous chemicals. You’ll love arriving at work every day in a safe, pleasant, and professional workshop setting located in a light industrial neighborhood only a short drive from your home.

  • Modern sign shops keep very reasonable hours.

    Members of the Signworld business alliance typically operate according to standard business hours – 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday. That means no nights, no weekends, and no holidays – unless you really want to.

  • Modern sign shops circumvent staff headaches.

    As any employer will tell you, good help is hard to find, and employee problems only worsen as your roster expands. That’s why members of the Signworld business alliance typically employ only 1-3 career staff who work closely alongside them. Moreover, since our model operates largely as a non-cash transaction business, you never have to worry about who’s holding the money while you’re out on a sales or installation call.

  • Modern sign companies make selling easy.

    The majority of your transaction will be carried out online via your website, which automates a huge portion of the sales process. Moreover, our business is big on repeat customers; indeed, 20 to 30 repeat customers can equal 80% of your revenue. This translates to big savings in terms of marketing expenditure, and also frees you up to pursue leads in national and international markets.

  • Modern sign companies make retirement easy.

    When members of the Signworld business alliance are ready to retire, they can take comfort in the fact that their business will sell for more than the competition because of the nature of the manufacturing sector, the small core of repeat customers, and the profit margins our model secures. In this way, joining the Signworld business alliance is extremely low-risk.

  • Modern sign companies give you the chance to own your own building.

    This is just another way that our model is designed to empower business owners. Unlike major franchises like Mcdonalds that buy the property and force you to rent, the Signworld business alliance gives you the ability to own your own building, which creates another potential revenue stream of avenue to pursue post-retirement.

  • Modern sign companies are not skill-prohibitive.

    You don’t need any previous training or experience as a signmaker to succeed in this industry. Indeed, many of our most successful sign shop owners entered into the system with no relevant skills, and relied solely on our training and guidance to build their companies into what they are today.

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