4 Reasons to Be Your Own Sign-Business Boss in 2018

4 Reasons to Be Your Own Sign-Business Boss in 2018

Sick and tired of slaving away for somebody else’s dream? Ready to be your own boss?

Read on to learn 4 reasons why now’s the time, and how starting a sign business with the Signworld business alliance is easier than you think.

  • The Sign Market is Huge in 2018.

    In the Internet Era, online marketing has become a multi-billion dollar industry of its own, but that hasn’t detracted from the sign business one bit.

    According to recent reports published by the International Sign Association (ISA), signs, graphics, and visual communications generate $1.6-billion in revenue annually in the US alone. All sign markets are reportedly “above trend” for 2018 and 2019, with particular growth expected in electronic and digital sign sectors.

    Indeed, the proliferation of internet technology has only helped the sign business, since businesses are now easier to open than ever before, and every business needs a sign to inspire consumer confidence and generate local impressions in a cost-effective manner. Research published in a recent article in Forbes magazine estimated that 543,000 new businesses get started each month–that’s a huge influx of new customers for your sign making shop.

  • Starting a Sign Business is Very Affordable.

    If you want to be your own boss, starting a sign business as a Signworld partner, with no royalties or rules, is only $195,000. And that includes a $25,000 cash reserve. You can view an itemized investment breakdown here.

  • Running a Sign Business is More Fun than you Think.

    Most people’s idea of a day’s work in a sign shop is pretty far from the reality. Running a sign business isn’t all grimy, back-breaking labor in a noisy shop. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: there are no loud noises, odors, or dangerous chemicals, and the sign manufacturing process is safe and fun. There’s few jobs as satisfying as running a sign business, since you get creative fulfillment working with your hands, and get to see your work showcased around town by local businesses.

    Creative type? Great! Many sign-making jobs give you a great deal of creative license.

    Hate your commute? No problem. Your sign shop will be located close to home, in a low-overhead business park location, so you don’t have to stress about getting to work every morning or dread the drive home at night.

    Tired of slaving away at work? Signworld business partners operate Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5, which means no grueling work schedule full of busy nights, weekends, and holidays.

    Leery about troublesome employees? Our business model is designed to give you a small staff of career employees, so you can cut out the headaches of excessive employee management, turnover, and training.

  • No Sign Making Experience is Needed.

    Would you believe that some of our most successful business partners entered into the Signworld business alliance without any relevant experience in this industry?

    It’s true. That’s the power of Signworld’s training, support, and proven business model.

    In 2018, remote training and support is easier than ever. Signworld partners get full access to online training materials, ongoing webinar education, and the Owners website, where fellow partners ask and answer tough questions. These online training and support options are the perfect complement to our hands-on pre-opening training, sales and marketing coaching, and website/internet marketing course.

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