8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Signworld Business Alliance

8 Things You Didn't Know About the Signworld Business Alliance

Considering investing in a Signworld partnership? Looking to start a sign business?

Whether you’re just discovering Signworld or doing your due diligence before you join, these 8 tidbits should come in handy:

  • Signworld just turned 31 in 2019. Our business system is proven, with more than three decades of success stories behind it. Since 1988, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams for financial freedom and independence with startup solutions, efficient systems, and a no-royalty structure.
  • Signworld partners don’t pay any royalties. Think of the costs of startup and the Signworld package as an entry fee–once you’re in, you’re in. There are no royalties or annual fees, so you keep all of what you earn.
  • The Signworld business alliance welcomes all hard-working and coachable entrepreneurs. By that we mean you don’t need any prior experience in sign making, sales, marketing, or business management. So long as you have the right attitude and can finance your start-up, our training, support, and proven business model will take care of the rest.
  • Signworld partners get more support than some franchises. Although we don’t have any of the rules or royalties that come with franchise systems, our training and support rivals most big brands.Our pre-opening curriculum includes technical training in hardware and software, operations training, sign-making and installation training, supplier training, point-of-sale training, on-the-job training at active Signworld partners’ locations, and on-site training once your equipment is all set up.And support doesn’t end once you’re open for business. Signworld business partners get ongoing support and coaching from our corporate staff and more than 330 fellow owners for as long as they’re in business. This includes next day on-site service, online technical support, and an annual 3-day convention that offers more than 30 cutting-edge business seminars that get updated every year.
  • The Signworld business alliance gives you complete control. Signworld partners aren’t bound by rules or strict business processes. We’re here to support your business, not to railroad it. Our system is designed to help you do things your way.
  • Signworld partners never stop learning. Our philosophy is all about empowering business owners to accomplish their goals. That’s why we invest so much into making sure our partners always have access to quality resources for continuing education.Take advantage of ongoing weekly sales and marketing webinars alongside your Signworld partners. You’ll also have ongoing access to coaching in website management, marketing, sales, and more.
  • Signworld partners make big money online. We may have been around since 1988, but we’re not stuck there! Our business is constantly evolving, and today online sales are a big part of our system. In fact, some Signworld partners make 50% or more of their sales through their website alone!
  • Signworld partners have the ability to own their own building. Looking to diversify your portfolio? Some Signworld partners go on to own the light industrial properties that their shops are run out of. These properties make great investments that can make you big money in retirement.

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