Located at 16543 Carmenita Road, the Center for Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine assists patients undergoing knee or shoulder surgery, joint replacements, and fracture care. When this clinic needed brushed metal office logo signs in Cerritos, its management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the options and commission the work.

Maintaining a Brand Conversation with Signage

brushed metal office logo signs in CerritosIn the past, we did similar signs for this clinic at its other location. The client liked the ways that the signs underscored its brand message, and wanted to afford their patients a similar interaction at the Cerritos location. Our technicians fabricated the three-dimensional letters as well as the logo at the shop.

We used half-inch-thick black PVC that we clad with brushed metal faces. The color contrast looks fantastic, particularly when we mounted the signage on the clinic’s darker wall. A second sign consists of a brushed aluminum panel that we covered with die-cut vinyl graphics and installed with wall standoffs. They are also fabricated from brushed aluminum to match the product’s appearance.

brushed metal office logo signs in CerritosNow, patients visiting the location cannot help but become immersed in the brand conversation that the dimensional letters and panel provide.

Brushed Metal Facings are Excellent Choices for a Broad Range of Companies

Many service providers favor metal surfaces because they support a message of longevity in the niche, lasting quality, and chic. However, few act on this advantageous brand presentation because of budgetary concerns.

And it is true. Solid metal letters and logo pieces are more expensive than other materials. However, you can still have a metal look without the steep price tag. For example, did you know that our specialists can fabricate dimensional letters from PVC, acrylic, or sign foam to create a base that will hold metal laminates?

brushed metal office logo signs in CerritosWhile brushed aluminum is a favorite selection of business clients, you have other options, too. We can paint the metal to look like brass or copper. Others prefer a gold exterior. By combining the metal with a clever painting of the substrate, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a solid metal letter and a clad one.

Talk to the Experts about Brushed Metal Office Logo Signs in Cerritos, CA

brushed metal office logo signs in CerritosHow would a metallic signage setup change the ways that consumers currently interact with your brand? Would metal be more in step with your brand message? Most importantly, would it imbue your venue with the chic and pizzazz you are looking for?

brushed metal office logo signs in CerritosEven if you are currently unsure whether metal is really the way to go for your branding, discuss your thoughts and considerations with our specialists. We understand how to encapsulate branding messages into a broad range of materials and font expressions. Moreover, we gladly work with the specs that you already have to show you different signage styles that might be just what you are looking for.

If you decide that metal is not right for you, we gladly present you with options such as acrylic, molded plastic, PVC, or something else altogether. Contact us today to learn more about your options!

brushed metal office logo signs in Cerritos