The Little Lake School District in Santa Fe Springs is looking forward to the time when children return for in-class learning. Because there will need to be modifications and changes to the ways these learners interact with one another and staff members, the administration wanted excellent signage. Among them are about $8,500 worth of long-lasting floor graphics and COVID-19 healthy habits signs.

Slip-Resistant Floor Graphics Amplify Social Distancing Messages in Schools and Other Crowded Venues

long-lasting floor graphics and COVID-19 healthy habits signsWe worked with the school district’s administration on the design, fabrication, and installation of floor decals that assist learners of all ages to maintain six-foot social distancing when lining up and waiting turns. These are round graphics that feature white on blue print. It shows shoe prints as well as the lettering underscoring the social distancing message.

Social Distancing Floor Decals and Graphics in Orange County CA

To ensure that these products would be slip-resistant, technicians treated the decals with UL-listed floor laminate that is extra thick. In addition to safety, it prevents early wear and tear and lets these decals remain in active use for a long time to come. This step not only underscored the administration’s commitment to safety but also its firm belief in fiscal responsibility.

long-lasting floor graphics and COVID-19 healthy habits signsIn addition to the round decals, the school district ordered a number of arrow-shaped stickers that would go in between the circles to create paths for the children. We also produced healthy habit signs that are ideally suited for displays near hand-washing sinks and hand-sanitizer stations.

Floor Decals Support a Large Number of Uses

long-lasting floor graphics and COVID-19 healthy habits signsYou do not have to operate a school district to see the potential that floor decals and stickers bring to your location.

  • Advertising. Advertise the hot products that your customers are looking for. You already see this technology in use in grocery stores. However, you might also place them in other retail and service venues.
  • Branding. If you want to draw attention to your brand colors and lettering, there is no better way than featuring your corporate identity on a spot graphic that we mount at regular distances on your aisle floors.
  • Wayfinding. Help customers locate sought-after destinations such as the service desk, the credit department, or other venues. Doing so can supplement overhead signage that meets a similar goal.

Buy Floor Graphics for Social Distancing in Orange County

long-lasting floor graphics and COVID-19 healthy habits signsDid you know that slip-resistant floor graphics are not just for laminate floors? Rather, we can also produce cast decals for asphalt and rough concrete. Also, there are products for carpeting and other floor materials.

Moreover, Superior Signs and Graphics understands that you need a quick turnaround on social distancing and other COVID-19 signage products. Therefore, we have stocked our shop with plenty of materials as well as pre-made signage that we have ready to fill your order.

long-lasting floor graphics and COVID-19 healthy habits signsDo not rely on duct tape for showing customers how to socially distance themselves at your location. Instead, buy customized products with an amazingly quick turnaround that allows you to brand and market in style while directing shoppers. These floor decals and associated signage look professional and support your interior décor.

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long-lasting floor graphics and COVID-19 healthy habits signs