The Yorba Linda Feed Store is a returning customer to Superior Signs and Graphics. This business is famous for its variety of products and the parking lot sculptures that make it easy to pick out the location. Recently, we had the opportunity to serve this client again – this time with new graphics for lighted building signs in Yorba Linda.

Freshening the Look of Signage Makes a Significant Difference in the Store’s Brand Presence

Lighted Building Signs in Yorba Linda CAWhen we first met this client in 2014, the store was advertising with deteriorating wooden signs. At that time, the business decided to go with cabinet signs. The client selected digitally imprinted translucent faces for these products. Fast forward to today, and the two lightbox cabinets were starting to show their ages.

South and west-facing elevations resulted in daily sun exposure that took its toll on the signs’ faces. Because the cabinets were still in excellent condition, it was inexpensive to update the product. Our technicians replaced some LEDs while we were there.

Lighted Building Signs in Yorba Linda CAMoreover, we picked a different manufacturing method for the faces. We started with 3M translucent cut vinyl that we separated into two colors. Rather than vinyl graphics with ink that will fade over time, the pre-colored vinyl features the target hue through and through. Therefore, there is no ink to fade, which means that these faces should last longer than seven years.

Returning Clients Have an Advantage and Could Save Time and Money

Lighted Building Signs in Yorba Linda CAThere are the obvious advantages of doing business with a company that has your specs on file. By doing so, we save our returning clients time and money on the design process. However, there are other advantages, too. A case in point is the opportunity to see how a sign weathered and then make adjustments to boost the product’s longevity. Since it is impossible to anticipate all aspects of wear and weathering, this is an essential service we offer.

Moreover, returning customers have the advantage of realizing whether they still like the signage style they selected initially. If they are not sure, we can go through some design specs that show the brand details in different setups. Examples might include a switch from lightbox cabinets to channel letters or 3D building letters.

Do You Still Need New Graphics for Lighted Building Signs in Yorba Linda CA?

Lighted Building Signs in Yorba Linda CAHave you been noticing that your sign seems to look a little faded? Maybe it is part of a bigger monument sign that you rely on when bringing in impulse shoppers. It does not matter whether you bought the product from us or someone else. Superior Signs and Graphics can still handle the upgrade and freshening of any lighted building sign.

By the way, we can also upgrade your signage that is still relying on old-fashioned bulbs. When you are tired of the burned-out bulbs, broken ballasts, and half-illuminated signs, we can upgrade your signage to LEDs, which are less expensive to operate and far more reliable. Connect with our sign shop today to discuss your next project!

Lighted Building Signs in Yorba Linda CA