When the Long Beach division of Amazon needed geometric wall graphic stripes at its Eastvale facility, the company’s management team contacted our sign shop. Of course, these vinyl stripes were only the first part of the project. Our technicians continued with the next part when Amazon needed a more extensive set of wall graphics in Los Angeles.

3M Wall Graphics Transform Blank Walls into Brand-Focused Surfaces

Wall Graphics for Distribution Centers and Warehouses in Los AngelesDo you remember the attractive stripes we did for the hallway last time? This time, we expanded on this look by striping the main corridor wall that all employees in the distribution center see. It is 360 feet long and has large yellow beams that support the roof every 30 feet. Moreover, there are myriads of obstructions that our technicians had to work around.

Since we offer graphic design services in-house, our specialists could customize the stripes with these needed cutouts and obstructions in mind. In this way, we installed the wall graphics around doors, windows, bulletin boards, blade signs, and – of course – outlets and wall switches. Custom wall graphics for warehouses of this size must be precise. If we were off by even a little, it would show.

Wall Graphics for Distribution Centers and Warehouses in Los AngelesNot surprisingly, we relied heavily on our custom graphic design specialist to handle the measurements and sizing considerations. The finished product is a decorative wall vinyl stripe combination that adds spatial definition to a warehouse space and impresses with its accuracy.

Aesthetic Spatial Separation Boosts Functionality of Large Spaces

Wall Graphics for Distribution Centers and Warehouses in Los AngelesWarehouses, such as this distribution center, thrive on the space they provide for the tasks the company needs to perform. However, long walls in primary white color are difficult on the eye. At the same time, you are looking for a way to capitalize on every available inch of space you have. As a result, you may not always have the option of putting up dividers, floating walls, or other separations.

Wall Graphics for Distribution Centers and Warehouses in Los AngelesIn this case, you can work on the aesthetic, spatial separation that customized vinyl graphics bring to the mix.

  • Custom-printed wallpaper. When you work with our graphic artist, you have the option of creating customized wallpaper that features any design you want. This might include your corporate logo, geometric shapes in your corporate palette, or something else altogether. Treat a focal wall with this product or boost the good looks of a space with different designs.
  • Whiteboard vinyl. Add functionality to your walls with vinyl graphics that include whiteboard surfaces. Doing so allows you to transform a large conference room wall into a note-taking and brainstorming surface.
  • Wall graphics. Follow Amazon’s lead and add visual-spatial separation with room-length stripes. They are suitable for spaces of all sizes and let you select the color play, the width, and the number of the elements.

Superior Signs and Graphics Customizes Wall Graphics in Los Angeles

Wall Graphics for Distribution Centers and Warehouses in Los AngelesWhen it is time to add pizzazz to your space and underscore its functionality, you cannot go wrong with budget-friendly wall graphics. Our sign shop specializes in customizing the design, quality control of the production, and precision of the final installation. Call us today to explore how wall graphics for distribution centers and warehouses could be ideally suited for your space!

Wall Graphics for Distribution Centers and Warehouses in Los Angeles