The OC is a hotbed for commercial property rentals and sales. Coveted locations are becoming available, but the competition is tough. How can your property management company and its listings stand out? Customized, highly visible commercial property “For Lease” signs in Orange County, CA, are an excellent choice. Working with a full-service sign company that knows the market is your key to getting them.

Post and Panel Signs are Instrumental in Advertising Properties at Eye Level

Commercial Property “For Lease” Signs in Orange County CAOutdo the competition by advertising your properties on multiple levels. “For Lease” signs should, of course, be at eye level. For these signs, we recommend the design, production, and installation of post and panel signs. Popular models include the two-post, one-panel design that features property information but emphasizes your management company’s logo and lettering.

Commercial Property “For Lease” Signs in Orange County CAAnother design allows for the three-post, two-board design. Arranged in a “V” shape, these panels advertise to prospective tenants arriving from either direction of the street. We recommend high-contrast colors such as yellow or white on blue. Once again, your property management’s company logo and name should be a focal point. The presentation of your corporate symbol makes it possible.

“For Lease” Window Graphics Identify Exact Locations Where Tenants Might Move In

Commercial Property “For Lease” Signs in Orange County CAFrequently, you will see “For Lease” vinyl lettering on bottom floor windows. Our team suggests placing it on the windows of any suites that you want to advertise. Due to our ability to install signage even quite high up on a building, you can have the properties stand out in ways that competitors might not be able to accomplish.

Standard signage would underscore whether a suite was for lease or sale. Moreover, it should display your phone number. However, you can easily expand on this information with details about the property and amenities of the building.

“For Lease” window graphics for retailers should go a step further. We recommend colorful customized images that help tenants get a feel for the local consumer demographic. Moreover, by emphasizing Orange County’s many amenities, you can showcase what the incoming business would capitalize on.

Why Superior Signs and Graphics is the Go-To, Full-Service Shop for Commercial Property “For Lease” Signs in Orange County, CA

Commercial Property “For Lease” Signs in Orange County CAWhen you are in the business of filling vacancies, you cannot leave your success to chance. Our sign shop has been instrumental in working with high-profile property management companies that want to see results.

  • In-house design and production. We work with the specs you have. However, if you need assistance with the design of a product, we can handle it in-house. Moreover, by producing all signs in our shop, we ensure complete product control. For example, did you know that we could add an anti-graffiti laminate to the product to protect your investment?
  • Professional installations. Once again, we do not outsource our installations – not even the challenging ones. Our team handles every aspect of your project. Therefore, you know the company you are dealing with.
  • Available equipment. Because we invested heavily in a fleet of vehicles that include those for reaching high up locations, we install the products on your schedule.
  • C-45 contractor license. This license allows us to install all signs, including those that require electricity.

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Commercial Property “For Lease” Signs in Orange County CA