Several years ago, HD Chem by Eversoft hired Superior Signs and Graphics to build a brushed aluminum lobby sign. However, there was more to this assignment. The company wanted three-dimensional graphics on this panel that create an eye-grabbing design. Remembering how much the company liked that product, they recently called us back to do another sign. This time, it would be new pylon sign faces in Long Beach.

Transforming a Non-Working Pylon Sign into a Brand-Building Fixture

new pylon sign faces in Long BeachWhen we discussed the client’s project, they pointed out that they liked the lobby sign’s material so much that they wanted us to use it on their old pylon sign. This product does not light up anymore. Therefore, it was not a great branding setup.

We worked with the client on the development of the look. Our technicians then created aluminum composite panels for both sides of the pylon sign. The outsides display brushed metal faces that feature the corporate logo and color play with an imprint. In this way, they perfectly mimic the look and feel of the lobby sign.

Because we own our bucket van, we could schedule the installation when it fit into the client’s schedule. Now, when drivers pass the building, they cannot help but notice the company that does business there. Best of all, aluminum composite is a durable material that will last for a long time to come.

Custom Pylon Sign Upgrades

new pylon sign faces in Long BeachAre you currently using a pylon sign on your property? Is it an excellent display space for your brand message? If it is not, this might be the right time to upgrade the look.

  • Refurbishing. Some clients contact us because their pylons have aged. This is entirely normal. When the signs are still in good shape and meet code, we can remove peeling paint, clean the sign inside and out, paint the individual components, and add new facings. Doing so gives your sign a new lease on life.
  • Rebranding. When you have rebranded and need to make changes to the ways your pylon sign advertises your brand, it is essential to upgrade the sign’s facings quickly. You may not need a refurbishing. In your situation, a simple upgrade of the facings will put your brand message back in order.
  • LED conversion. Some clients are still operating with older lighting technology. After a while of dealing with partially lit signage and growing repair costs, they grow tired of the work that goes into maintaining the signs. Our technicians routinely handle LED conversions that replace the expensive technology with inexpensive-to-operate diodes.

Does Your Business Need New Pylon Sign Faces in Long Beach, CA?

new pylon sign faces in Long BeachWhether you are rebranding, upgrading, or freshening the way your pylon looks, our shop wants to assist you with the project. Invite the Superior Signs and Graphics team to come out and take a closer look at your existing pylon. By the way, if you do not have a pylon sign yet, we will gladly work with you on the design and establishment of this product on your property. Call us today to get started on the project!

new pylon sign faces in Long Beach