Loyal readers of our blog already know that Superior Signs and Graphics does a lot of work with Ria Money Transfer. In the last couple of years, we have installed perforated window graphics for retail agent stores, non-illuminated building signs, and LED retrofits. The client recently invited us to take on another project that encompasses new sign graphics in Buena Park.

Agent Store Exterior Benefits from Three New Sign Faces Embracing a Recent Rebranding

New Graphics in Buena Park CAAlthough this agent store already had workable sign facings, one of them was damaged. It looks as though the sign caught fire. Since the Ria brand recently underwent a makeover, this store would now benefit from the new signage rollout.

Our technicians received the company’s signage specs, which allowed us to use 3M pre-colored translucent vinyl that comes in the Ria orange and black tones. With the white areas cut out, we were able to show white acrylic. When the faces were ready, we visited the agent store with our bucket truck to handle the installation.

New Graphics in Buena Park CANow, the location advertises with three new sign faces. They combine orange, white, and black colors that focus attention on the new brand appearance. Most importantly, these signs attract attention with the white on orange contrast that is unusual among the block’s facades.

Typical Reasons for Sign Face Replacements on Box Cabinets and Monument Signs

New Graphics in Buena Park CAOur specialists frequently work with companies that have sign products in need of upgrades. Typically, this refers to the design, production, and installation of new sign facings. There are several reasons why a business might opt for this upgrade.

  • Rebranding. Perhaps the most common reason for a sign face change is a modification of the brand identity. Examples include color changes, font tweaks, and the addition – or subtraction – of a logo. Sometimes, the company retains its style elements but chooses to change the layout. In these instances, a sign face change is necessary for advertising and brand name retention.
  • Sign damage. Although today’s sign materials are durable, there are times when damage happens. Tree branches fall, high winds loosen bolts, interior components fail, or age results in blistering as well as peeling laminates. Damaged signs are unattractive and reflect negatively on your brand. Replacing the damaged sign face is a priority.
  • Material switch. It is interesting to note that some companies rebrand through the change of materials. This typically affects the faces of monument signs. For example, a property management team may switch from a 3D letter front to an imprinted Dibond panel.

Superior Signs and Graphics Assists Businesses with New Sign Graphics in Orange County, CA

New Graphics in Buena Park CAHave you recently rebranded? Let our specialists help you design, produce, and install new sign faces and other graphics. Maybe you need an LED retrofit of a sign that is currently costing a mint to operate. We handle these projects, too. Of course, we can also help with any other signage needs you may have. Contact us today to learn about your options and schedule your next sign project!

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