Current Energy needed a lobby logo sign in L.A. The firm hired our sign shop to assist with the project. We worked with the client on the design, production, and installation of a sign that encapsulates the firm’s brand message and underscores its thought leadership in the niche.

Gradient Color Change Impresses Visitors

Office Logo Wall Signs in Los Angeles CountyThe client selected PVC for the construction of the signage. It is a durable material that is nevertheless lightweight, making it perfect for use in virtually any setting. Our technicians painted the lettering in the custom blue and medium gray tones the firm had chosen for its brand message.

However, the logo portion of the sign shows a gradient color change. This would not be something that could be painted. Therefore, our technicians produced an imprinted vinyl overlay that captures the color change. After treating this portion of the sign, we were able to install a brand-focused product and identify the client’s corporate persona.

Looks closely, and you will notice that we painted the edges of the 3D PVC logo portion to produce an excellent contrast from the wall’s lighter tones.

Focusing Attention on Your Brand Message with Office Logo Wall Signs in Los Angeles County

Office Logo Wall Signs in Los Angeles CountyThere are several reasons why companies choose to feature their corporate personas as a lobby sign in a foyer, reception area, conference room, or call center focal wall.

  • Brand development. Building awareness of the brand and having customers connect it with your lettering is critical. Doing so is particularly crucial for newcomers to a niche or companies moving into new territories. Therefore, take every opportunity you have to introduce and reinforce the brand story and its message.
  • Name recognition. Build name recognition that alerts the consumer to your company’s business model. If you send out sales collateral to new demographics, build the rapport by having a lobby sign that will cause name recognition of anyone visiting your location or seeing photos of the office space.
  • Product awareness. Are customers able to connect your products or services with the actual brand expression you have selected? More importantly, do your employees make this automatic jump? Remind them by having a focused brand expression on a visible wall.

Designing Your Next Lobby Logo Sign in Los Angeles

Office Logo Wall Signs in Los Angeles CountySuperior Signs and Graphics routinely works with business owners who are looking for excellent presentations of their corporate personas. Some decide to follow the color play that they have chosen for their online expression. We can color-match any tone you select. This way, if you already have other signs at your location, we can ensure visual consistency.

Others opt to feature a metal display that introduces little or no color. Typically, the request is for brushed metal faces that we might put on PVC, acrylic, or sign foam. Doing so empowers you to present a brand message with the material selection. It is an excellent option for companies in the technology, accounting, and legal fields. However, there are different choices, too.

Find out today which brand focus could be ideal for your company. Call our sign shop now!

Office Logo Wall Signs in Los Angeles County