A couple of years ago, we worked with the Santa Ana High School administration to put together softball dugout vinyl wraps. When the client contacted us this time, the administration needed additional high school wall graphics that would benefit the Athletics Department.

Budget-Friendly Vinyl Wall Graphics Boost School Pride

Wall Graphics in Santa Ana CAThe Athletics Department had found a way to customize the locker rooms with a look that would be more conducive to school spirit development. When we first started, the space was functional but lacked pizzazz. Well, we fixed that.

  • Wall wrap. You will notice a wall wrap that features images from the school’s football team on the wall behind the lockers. The jerseys’ red colors mirror the red tone of the lockers, which sends a strong message.
  • Program graphics. Another wall features the air conditioning system that is hidden behind a boxed overhang. We designed another wall graphics that features a red backdrop, which actually consists of football players in their red jerseys. Adding the lettering “Saints Football” to the mix and featuring a team helmet, the boxed-in vents are now adding to the space’s ambiance.
  • Wall graphics. The wall with the door features the lettering “We are Santa Ana” to underscore school pride. It reminds players that they are all part of the same team. It encourages unity and a sense of belonging.

Why Vinyl Wall Wraps and Graphics Work for Any Business, School, or Government Office

Wall Graphics in Santa Ana CAYou already know that vinyl wraps and graphics are budget-friendly. Moreover, they are fully customizable. This quality endears them to various types of clients. However, there are additional advantages that these products offer.

For example, the material is suitable for placing on textured walls. When you are tired of the color scheme or want a focal wall that wows, you cannot go wrong with a customized wall wrap. Some business clients have had excellent success with a custom wrap that replicates a brick wall. It immediately changes the ambiance of the space.

Wall Graphics in Santa Ana CASecondly, you can use vinyl graphics to create optical illusions. If you work in a small office, you can make it appear larger with a high-definition vinyl wall wrap depicting a big office or a call center setting in the background. For windows, you can change the view simply by adding window graphics. If you have no windows, add wall graphics that mimic the presence of a daytime view of the skyline.

Do You Need Business, Office, or High School Wall Graphics in Southern California?

Wall Graphics in Santa Ana CASuperior Signs and Graphics wants to help. Because we are a full-service sign shop, we can take on the design of any graphics product from the ground up. Whether you have some sketches, ideas for colors, or have clippings of other rooms you saw you liked, we can work with the material you have.

Next, we manufacture the vinyl products at our shop. We use 3M vinyl, which is an industry leader in the field. Moreover, we specialize in the use of the right material for the job. Did you know that walls or spaces with plenty of curves need different vinyl than just a regular, flat surface?

Call us today to learn more about your options and start the design process!

Wall Graphics in Santa Ana CA