Decorative signs can be an excellent part of your comprehensive interior branding strategy. They address the customer who is already visiting your location. Moreover, these products are uniquely customizable for your company. What are some examples of interior branding office signs and graphics in Irvine?

Lobby Signs Combine Interior Design with Brand Identity

Office Signs and Graphics in Irvine CAPerhaps the best example of the ultimate interior branding office sign is the product you place in the lobby. It displays your corporate persona. At the same time, it fits in with the décor and overall setting you have created. Therefore, it is the perfect combination of the two.

Office Signs and Graphics in Irvine CAOur sign shop offers clients a wide range of options. Foam and PVC are value choices that allow for material integration into your business strategy. Choose custom color paints or opt for imprinted vinyl overlays. Another option is the addition of a brushed metal face or acrylic laminate. Of course, we also offer solid acrylic and metal. Once again, we can customize the color play or embrace a metallic exterior. A great example is brushed aluminum.

Our technicians can install the style elements flush to the wall or select pin mountings. In the case of logo boards, we might also use airplane cables to suspend them from the ceiling for a more dramatic display.

Frosted and Etched Glass Graphics Reinforce Brand Identity

Office Signs and Graphics in Irvine CAAt the same time, they allow you to embrace functionality. Many conference room glass walls create distractions for those meeting inside. While they look fantastic and add ambiance to the office’s overall layout, they are not as functional. However, with the installation of etched and frosted glass graphics, you can turn this disadvantage into an advantage.

Office Signs and Graphics in Irvine CAJust as they do for offices with interior windows, the vinyl privacy film for glass surfaces grants a little privacy. Sure, meeting participants may still be partially visible. But when you opt for a frosted middle third of the panels, it can keep employees in a meeting from being distracted by passersby. As a result, you might have more productive meetings.

Our technicians can reverse cut logos or lettering from the frosted vinyl. It looks chic and offers a consistent repetition of your brand’s visuals. Examples include lettering and logos. Moreover, glass surfaces are ideal because they allow for corporate identity displays that you would not otherwise be able to introduce to the space.

Superior Signs and Graphics Knows How to Design, Produce, and Install Office Signs and Graphics in Irvine CA

Office Signs and Graphics in Irvine CAWork with an industry leader in the field. Our sign shop understands how to create signage that blends in with your interior décor but stands out with a compelling message. We offer clients in-house graphic design, which ensures that you get the signage presentation uniquely tailored to your needs.

Because we also handle the fabrication of the products in our shop, we can offer you a fast turnaround and superior quality control. Whether you need wall graphics or wraps, window lettering or graphics, lobby signage, or anything else for your office, we can help. Connect with us today to start your signage project!

Office Signs and Graphics in Irvine CA