Our sign shop routinely works with educators to find new ways of inspiring learners. Concurrently, we strive to keep costs low so that the schools can hold on to as much of their funding as possible. Good examples are the vinyl graphics for schools in Los Angeles we recently completed.

Case Study: Graves Middle School, a Returning Client

vinyl graphics for schools in Los AngelesThe middle school is a returning client. A couple of years ago, we worked with the administration to put together new walls installed on brick surfaces. While some focused on school pride, others highlighted the sports teams of colleges, which is an excellent way of getting the kids to think long term. Besides these graphics products, we wrapped doors with the logos, names, and seals of colleges and universities.

We added pole banners to be the mix, which set the tone for the on-campus interactions of the students. These signage solutions worked together to create an inspiring learning environment that looks forward to the future each of the kids can have.

vinyl graphics for schools in Los AngelesWhen the client invited us to come back this year, they had additional projects like the ones we did before. More doors needed wrapping. The administrators wanted to continue with the college theme to inspire their students to work toward higher education.

vinyl graphics for schools in Los AngelesBesides creating doors that communicate the purpose of the students’ education, the school also succeeds in using typically overlooked surfaces for inspirational uses. Schools have plenty of doors that are usually painted in colors to complement the palette of the facility. In this case, they add splashes of color to the campus, making it an attractive venue.

We Can Protect Your Investment in Door, Window, and Wall Wraps

vinyl graphics for schools in Los AngelesWhen our client elected to add more vinyl graphics for schools in Los Angeles, we installed an anti-graffiti laminate on the doors. While there is no reason to assume that the students would damage the doors, the laminate does make it easy to clean the surfaces, considering how many hands will touch them each day.

Of course, if you are located in an area where graffiti is a problem, this laminate is an excellent way to protect your investment. Even if someone defaces the graphics with spray paint or permanent marker, the laminate lets you wipe off the “art” with little more than a soft cloth and a cleaning solution.

Which Vinyl Graphics Product is Right for Your Location?

vinyl graphics for schools in Los AngelesHave we inspired you to look at your doors differently? Maybe you have window surfaces that are not currently pulling their weight. Moreover, if you have walls, they make perfect surfaces for advertising and brand building. Most importantly, it does not matter if the wall surface is inside or outside; we can treat both.

If you need some inspiration, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. We can show you some ways that get your message out that you might not have thought of. Most importantly, we will find ways to save you money. Call us today to get the project started!

vinyl graphics for schools in Los Angeles