Earlier, we talked about the mesh banners we put together for Compton College. They transformed the look and feel of the athletic area. This time, we want to shine the spotlight on the logoed pole banners this client requested.

Welcoming Returning Students and New Enrollees with Banners

Logoed Pole BannersFor this project, our graphic artist designed a display for 20 pole banners. The finished product is a full-color banner that shows Tartar’s pride with a logo and lettering. Because the administration was concerned about the material’s durability, our technicians used 18-ounce banner material instead of the customary 13-ounce vinyl. We used sewn-in webbing for the hems, too.

Logoed Pole BannersAlso, we adjusted the ways we installed the signs. By relying on a banner-saver spring-loaded bracket system, we allowed the banners to turn in heavy wind. In this way, the signs will not get damaged. Next, we used heavy-duty stainless steel banding rather than steel straps to tighten the mounts. The combination of material, fabrication, and installation choices has resulted in a great-looking, durable display that will last for a long time.

Using Pole Banners for Brand-Building, Advertising, Wayfinding, and Beautification

Logoed Pole BannersYou already know pole banners that the cities use for the seasonal beautification of their streets. They add a festive look to neighborhoods and business districts. Of course, municipalities are not the only ones to rely on this signage.

  • Advertising. Theaters, museums, and libraries frequently commission pole banners to advertise special engagements, events, and exhibits. They typically feature a copy of the marketing posters you see at the entrances.
  • Brand building. Car dealerships, big-box retailers, and similar companies place pole banners on their properties. These often showcase alternating displays of the company’s logo, name, and color palette. In some cases, retailers like to use them to co-brand, which generates brand awareness among passersby.
  • Wayfinding. For locations with larger properties, banners can function as wayfinding signs. Examples include educational campuses, hospital grounds, and malls. Using the banners gives these locations excellent tools for helping first-time visitors find their way around the grounds.

Which Logoed Pole Banners Would Look Great at Your Location?

Logoed Pole BannersDid you know that there are several display styles? For example, clients frequently request double-sided banners because they address consumers approaching the location from either direction of the sidewalk. It is an excellent way of ensuring that your message gets out there.

Another display choice is the use of dual pole banners. We mount them side by side, which lets you take advantage of the pole’s mounting area. You might feature your logo on one banner and your company’s name on the other. There are plenty of choices.

Most importantly, you get to pick the size of the banners. Some are smaller, which makes them ideal for brand building. Others are considerably larger, which works well when you seek to replicate pieces of sales collateral. Our team will adjust the installation hardware to fit on standard light poles, ornamental street poles, and narrower flag poles on your property.

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Logoed Pole Banners